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The Life of Julia hit me like a slap in the face when I first checked out the video. Funny, it hasn’t improved over time! To insinuate that any American women is incapable of graduating from high school, Conquering College (and paying for it) and taking the corporate world by storm, if she so chooses, without the aid of “NannyState” is completely underestimating the abilities, the tenacity, and the guts of the American Woman! I’m appalled!

And then, to further presume that any American women is incapable of carefully selecting her mate rather than spreading her legs for every Tom, Dick, or Harry that happens by is selling Women so far short, it makes me wonder what kind of women the president has known!

Any adult female in this country that cannot afford $9/mo for birth control, if the need is legitimate (i.e. available funds are not being spent irresponsibly), can easily acquire birth control through Medicaid.

Then there is the “compassionate” GENDER-CIDE pushed to poor, uncertain women as a way to control their family size and dimension! While the WH has stated opposition to a ban on sex-selection abortions, today the Republican controlled House, once again, came down on the side of Women and protected a woman’s right to be born even if the parent(s) wants the opposite sex! Guys, too!

Maybe, just maybe if we started asking MORE of ourselves – like a little SELF-CONTROL – we might find we are stronger than we ever imagined! But no, not this regime! This regime believes it is more “compassionate” to addict each of us to the government. If I work for it and pay for it, chances are very good I will take good care of it, and appreciate it!

Please realize who really has declared #WaronWomen!!! Come on, ladies, figure it out!

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