Is THIS Julia?

President Obama has created a delightful ditty called, “The Life of Julia.” It is a plan for government dependence for WOMEN from cradle to grave! If you are among those who feel ENTITLED to everything the government can provide, you can check out “Julia.” In my mind, it is among the most singularly misogynistic policies ever devised by MAN! But don’t take my word for it. View the short video at the link above!

Is THIS Julia?

Or THESE girls?

Or maybe THIS woman is JULIA?
What will the “Life of Julia” do for this women?

Would Miss Molly Pitcher have pouted because she is, after all, entitled to ___________ ? (house, car, offspring, career-of-her-choosing, paid in full by OTHER Americans)

What if Ms Rosa Parks had done nothing and still expected things to change without her efforts and those who came alongside her? Would Ms Parks have appreciated the “Life of Julia?”

Ms Rosa Parks

Or Harriet Beecher Stowe, did she know Julia? (1811-1896)

Or Ms Clara Barton, business woman, nurse, and founder of perhaps the most singularly helpful “missionary” organization to this day!Ms Barton anything like Julia?

Ms Clara Barton – Founder of the Red Cross

I could go on and on. Seriously, this whole issue is like a nail driven under my finger nail!

Who the hell is this mythical, composite women, and
WHY does she feel the need to play the helpless female? I thought we had been EMANCIPATED!

I thought we had worked our way FREE of the apron strings that bound us to that image of HELPLESSNESS and DEPENDENCY! Guess not. Our modern, PROGRESSIVE President thinks women hare helpless and useless. He welcomes Sharia law which equates women with chattel, belongings of men, and he creates and brags about a program to CARRY WOMEN from BIRTH to GRAVE. And this flatters us? This is what Sen Barbara Boxer shouts about? This is an heroic measure to rescue our helpless women like Ms Fluke? I thought her name was Sandra, not Julia!

While I am not particularly an avid fan of Rush Limbaugh, I have joined his “Rush Babes for America” to be counted among the Independent, Strong, Conservative Feminine voices shouting for Conservative values and an end to gluttonous spending throughout government. Come on, ladies, let’s show NOW and Senator Boxer et al what American Women REALLY want!