“Regular gasoline per gallon cost $1.68 in January 2009. Today, it’s $3.39 — that’s a 102 percent increase in just three years. (By the way, if you’re keeping score at home, gas was $1.40 a gallon when George W. Bush took office in 2001, $1.68 when he left office — a 20 percent increase.)”

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Read it all, don’t skip over anything.  Tickerguy says what we know is true.

…those who you vote for are incapable of telling you the truth.

via Tickerguy’s State Of The Union Address.  Not that we need examples of fibbing, but this is over the top.

STFU (Anthony clearly defined the speech) or SOTU address?  I think it’s more of a STFU kind of address.  He doesn’t really want to talk about what he has done to this country.  If he did, he would have to talk about some of these minor details.

The unemployment rate when Mr. Obama was elected was 6.8 percent; today it is 8.5 percent — at least that’s the official number. In reality, the Financial Times writes, “if the same number of people were seeking work today as in 2007, the jobless rate would be 11 percent.”

In addition, there are now fewer payroll…

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