Working with Barney Frank??? Really? George Soros??? Really???

from Wikipedia YOU DECIDE!

  • “Since 1979, he has been elected to ten terms in the House of Representatives, separated by a hiatus of 12 years, during which Paul returned to his medical practice, and he filled a vacated seat for most of 1976.” He is part of the problem! He’s been in Washington since 1979, my friends! He’s had plenty of time to work FOR America, but like so many “lifers,” he has fallen prey to

  • During his first term, Paul initiated a “think tank”, the Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE). “Also in 1976, the foundation began publication of the first monthly newsletter associated with Paul, Dr. Ron Paul’s Freedom Report[29] (or Special Report). It also publishes radio advertisements, monographs, books, and (since 1997) a new series of the monthly newsletter, Ron Paul’s Freedom Report, which promote the principles of limited government.”

    We have learned that these journals are filed with prejudicial and anti-Semitic thoughts. While Ron Paul denies agreement with these sentiments, he either

      1. is lying, and agrees whole-heartedly, or
      . Put his name and reputation irresponsibly on policy and practice that did not represent his stand – for years!

  • Ron Paul Sustainable Defense Task Force George Soros-connected. “He co-chaired a committee with Barney Frank. I’m looking for the information. Here it is. Co chaired with Barney Frank in 2010 and he was he had to put a committee together of 14 different people. He and Barney Frank put a committee together. I believe it was eleven of them were directly George Soros people. Now, I look at Ron Paul and I say, “Well, wait a minute. How did Ron Paul miss the George Soros connection?” How did a guy who is, as this article that I read this morning said, you know, many people that support Ron Paul can find a conspiracy in a glass of water. How can you miss eleven out of fourteen people being directly connected to George Soros and having his defense plan, the George Soros defense plan being the thing that he says, yeah, we’re going to we’re going to have these guys look into the military of tomorrow. That doesn’t sound healthy.“

    Who is GEORGE SOROS?

  • Then there are Paul’s supporters! Oy vey! It’s nice to be enthusiastic and passionate about a ideal or person, but … many of these supporters are just plain RUDE! Yet his response is to laugh and cajole them into a frenzy, often at the expense of the other candidates. Is this his idea of “freedom?” Liberty, unchecked by virtue, is anarchy!

As I’ve said in previous posts, the character of a man (or woman) declares more loudly than anything else exactly who they are. The closer I look at Ron Paul, the more questions arise. I agree with him on several issues, but, bottom line, I do not trust him or his alliances. He allows his fans and supporters to be rude, immature and obnoxious, and, in fact, makes some pretty outlandish remarks himself. Is this the character of a man we WANT in the White House? We have a shady character now. We’ve had shady characters before and it never worked out well. Might we learn from that? However, if Paul manages to gain the Republican nomination, I will cast my vote for him to oust Obama! Just sayin …