President Obama wants not only to get as many people dependent on our nanny government as possible, but at the same time, break the system by flooding it!

Can you believe this? We have a government ad, paid for by the tax payers, to promote food stamps. Worse than that it leads one to believe that food stamps aid in one’s fitness that can actually help you lose weight. Tax payer ads are bad enough, but if the Obama administration is going to waste the tax payers money with promotional ads with the debt this country faces, at least have ads that promote getting a job, or getting off drugs, but please don’t waste our tax money promoting food stamps. Remember this ad isn’t telling someone in need how to apply for food stamps, or where they can get food stamps. This ad is implying food stamps are a good thing to strive for. The two ladies discussion at the end of the ad was sickening. They were laughing when they said: “oh, you get food stamps too.” Like that was something to be proud of.

I am not saying in this post that people in true need should not receive some aid to get food they can’t otherwise get. All I am saying in this post, this should not be something the government promotes. What the Obama administration should be doing is getting out of the way of the private sector so jobs can be created. Then there could be an ad telling people how to get off food stamps because of the good jobs available. I’m not holding my breath on that ad.

As Fox News contributor Wayne Rogers said on the “Cashin’ In” segment, the worst part of this ad is that “the tax payers are paying for an ad that promotes something the tax payers are also paying for.” READ MORE


Maybe you’ve heard food stamp public service announcements before. Maybe you haven’t. But when Glenn Beck did on Tuesday, he couldn’t contain himself.

Beck’s co-host Pat Gray brought up the commercials on Beck’s radio show. While the commercials have been around since 2008 — with the help of your tax dollars — the Beck radio team couldn’t resist having some fun with the spots after Gray heard them in the car recently.

In the taxpayer-funded radio commercials, you can hear paid actors talk about how they are “making a healthy meal together with a little help from SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program],” or how the program “helps you eat right when money’s tight.” READ MORE

As Glenn said on the air, government assistance is kinda like heroin addiction. Once you’re hooked, it’s hard to shake loose because there’s an art of us that enjoys FREE STUFF and because we all feel just a little bit “entitled!”


Can’t trust both!