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“P2V is a great program—bringing together our magnificent veterans, with pets who are agendaless and completely devoted to the veteran.” Lieutenant General James R. Clapper, USAF (Ret)

What can be better than finding the perfect friend? 18 Veterans commit suicide everyday in America. At the same time, 4 million animals are destroyed every year in America. Dave Sharpe was prone to violent outbursts and rage filled him. He was introduced to an orphaned pit-bull puppy whom he named, Cheyenne, and the rest is history. Moments from suicide after returning from multiple active duty tours, he was ready to pull the trigger, when Cheyenne walked up behind him. There was no judgement, no condemnation, only unconditional love coming from that furry face. Now, this All-American Hero started an organization to match unwanted pets with Vets suffering from PTSD.

“There are 18 veterans in the United States that commit suicide everyday and one (1) shelter animal is put down every eight seconds — P2V’s work helps facilitate the healing and support for the 10-12 million men and women who suffer with some form of psychological condition and homes for the four-five million sheltered animals who are euthanized every year so that both may live in dignity as they embark on their journey together. P2V, or Pets 2 Vets, provides our nation’s heroes with accessible, cost-effective animal assisted activities (animal companionship) as they pursue rehabilitative and therapeutic care from their health care providers.”

P2V: Shelter Animals paired with Vets who have PTSD.

What an awesome way to aid our suffering Vets while rescuing loving pets at the same time!