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Is This the END?

Is this the END so many of us have heard about, the Last Days, the End of the World? Maybe … maybe not. No one knows. NO ONE! Since the beginning of time, with each generation there have been those who believed the End was nigh, and we’re still here. The End will come one day, for sure, but is it now? Are the “signs” pointing toward the “Great Tribulation?” Again, there are those among us that believe that is so, and I know no differently, but for one seemingly insignificant thing. The Church.

Suppose, just for a minute, the End is near. If our illustrious media (cough, cough) began to query, hypothesize and investigate the various “signs of the times” as they appear to line up today, how would it affect you? Would your behavior change? Would your relationships change? Would your daily routine change?

Like many of you, I grew up in a family that frequently attended a local church. The message from the pulpit changed depending on the one speaking. There was the pious deep voice of academic theology resonating through the crystal chandeliers about this and that; the young, passionate, if whiny voice of social consciousness; and the dispassionate, weary voice of the occasional missionary reporting in and seeking more funds. Honestly, it was nothing to inspire Godly pursuit. Still God spoke to me (and you?) in the quiet of my childhood wanderings, not in words as you and I know them, but in quiet assurances.

Now that I’m a grown up, it is sometimes hard to “hear” those quiet assurances amidst the daily banter of work, family, and survival. Yet God speaks always, if we dare to listen, and His “word” is always “Go … Give … LOVE!” I did not learn this, I’m sad to say, where we went to worship. I learned it from a man who ran a sport camp. I don’t think he ever actually spoke the words either, he simply lived them.

There’s no point in a fear-driven life. If we are in the Last Days, there is nothing we can do about it, right? Neither is there much point in struggling to determine if we are in the “Last Days.” That struggle will only distract us from our purpose. We cannot change time. We cannot change people. We are who and what we are. Ah, but we CAN change our own attitudes and behaviors.

We probably agree that the world, the USA, our states and communities have become more violent, more hateful, and even more … despondent over the last few decades. We can theorize and brainstorm till the cows come home and still be uncertain about WHY, still pointless drive-by shootings, gang violence, senseless bigotry increase in number and intensity.

Lawlessness, like a swelling ocean, threatens to engulf us. Silently, liberties and choices are being replaced with mandates and “security measures.” It may or may not mean the END, but the question is: What can I do about it? Can I make a positive difference? Do I WANT to make a positive difference?

  • Do I fall on my knees and pray and wait?
  • Do I lock myself behind closed doors and hide?
  • Do I procure a weapon of some sort?
  • Do I become a political activist and work to revive Biblical morality?
  • Do I put the responsibility on the government to take care of the problem(s)?
  • Do I point fingers at my neighbors and recount their offenses?
  • Do I make an extra casserole and share it with my neighbor?
  • Do I walk across the street and talk to my neighbor for the first time in 5 years?
  • Do I take self-defense classes and learn how to protect myself?
  • Do I … “Go … Give … LOVE?”

Each of us, I believe, is on this earth with a purpose born(e) within. Our mission, should we accept it, is to uncover that purpose and pursue it. It is a life-long pursuit! If we can do this, it honestly will not matter whether we are approaching the END or not. We will be satisfied in the pursuit of our purpose. It is the “higher call” that will draw us, use our talents and abilities, and reward us with an abundance of memories and love. “Go … Give … LOVE!”