The Rio Norte Line

Have you ever heard the term, “moral equivalent of war?”  Do you know why it was invented, and what it was intended to be used to do?  You should, because it is being used against you right now – and it is working.  Let me try to explain it, and show you how it works.

I got the following from an excellent blog, progressivesinamerica:

WH Climate AdvisTeddy Roosevelt’s moral equivalent of war – war on the trusts. Wilson’s moral equivalent of war – the war on alcohol. FDR declared war on the great depression in his first inaugural. We’ve had the war on poverty, a war on illiteracy was declared, the war on drugs, the war on cancer, and the war on energy dependence. When Jimmy Carter declared this war, he even went so far as to use the exact name of James’ essay:(Carter speech April 18th, 1977

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