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Many, but shamefully, not all, Americans are now aware of the many scandals and improprieties performed and embraced by our government. I’ve included a few links to related articles in case anyone wants to read up on any of these things.


  1. Fast & Furious: FBI agents sold American weapons to known criminals in Mexico with the expressed hope they would be used in America (via our non-existent border), thus serving as ammunition against the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. A positive side-note is the Open Borders which will enormously pad the Democrat voter lists. (i.e the Amnesty Bill currently in session) It worked! Obama’s agenda at work.
  2. Christopher-Stevens-body

  3. Benghazi: Four Americans murdered by our government as they failed repeated requests for additional security leading up to 9/11/12. While the 9 hr battle occurred, Obama was …undisclosed information…yet rescue forces were readily available, but SOMEONE gave a “Stand Down!” order, and four brave Americans died. NEVER before have Americans left their own to die! NEVER! Obama’s agenda at work!
  4. irs-scandal

  5. IRS Scandal: It is now documented that at least since 2008, the IRS has “targeted” Americans individually and in matters of business based on political bias contrary to … the LAW. And, as was to be expected, upon further investigation, the IRS completely vindicated itself in all matters! Obama’s agenda at work!
  6. Yes, Big Brother IS watching, and reading, and snooping

    Yes, Big Brother IS watching, and reading, and snooping

  7. NSA Scandal: It is known now that over the past decade or so, our government, supposedly hired BY the People, FOR the People, and OF the People … has been spying on us in measures far beyond our imaginations. The NSA is making George Orwell into a prophet by mimicking a spooky amount of the goings on in that novel. Obama’s agenda at work!

Time is fast approaching for ACTION!

Time is fast approaching for ACTION!

I’ve about reached my maximum absorption level of manure! So then … now that we have a clear grasp of where this Kenyan is taking our nation, and how he plans to get us there, what are our alternatives? Up to this point in America, our two party system has worked relatively well as a self- correcting agent of the Constitution. This is now void! The Republican Party will soon be dead, unless “life-support” kicks in quickly and the old-school RINOS like McCain – Bless him for his service, but it’s time to retire, sir! – and the disappointing darling, Rubio STOP PANDERING and find the moral high ground of the Republican Party of the 1860’s!

The people of America either do not care, do not understand, or do not believe there is any hope of recovery. The Republic is lost. If we do nothing much longer, it is lost, but in our memories.

My question is … Is the Republic recoverable? Is there hope for a peaceful recovery of our Constitution and the Republic it is supposed to govern? Are there sufficient numbers of morally stalwart men or women willing and able to stand by their honorable Oath? Is there any remnant of our moral fabric left with which to rebuild?

I guess we will soon see …

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