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    “A society is judged by how it protects the most vulnerable, those unable to protect themselves. In the case of abortion on demand magnified by abortion just before or just after the baby is born, America has been found wanting.” More HERE!

LIFE is very important. Maybe not everyone has realized this, but it is! In fact, without LIFE, there is only … nothing! Void! Emptiness! LIFE is EVERYTHING. LIFE is purpose! LIFE is hope.

Jesus said, “A thief comes to steal and kill and destroy,
but I came to give life—life in all its fullness.”

John 10: 10

A horrendous darkness has been exposed hidden away, ironically, in the birthplace of the American Experiment in self-governance. Since early in the 1970’s, our society has been drifting into the dark hole while millions of ignorant or apathetic Americans looked the other way. Some of us saw the darkness, others made excuses for its existence. But now, the world knows, and strangely (or not-so-strangely) the media, who should be conscientiously detailing the events for the benefit of the population and would-be victims, is deadly silent. Why so silent? Is there no journalistic pride amongst today’s media moguls?


    “One reason may be that the trial of late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell for multiple counts of murder is about an African-American killing mainly African-American babies — and so the common sense among liberals, or, as a friend of mine would say, the “coven-sense,” is that such a story disparages that community. This is something newspapers are loath to do. In much the same manner that they cannot dwell upon the causes of hand gun violence in inner city black communities. Or perhaps they view these killings as prophylactic: one cure for out-of-wedlock births.

    Dr Solomon's Decision - a story of Life

    Dr Solomon’s Decision – a story of Life

    “But perhaps an even more telling reason for ignoring the Gosnell story is that among the terrible details is revealed the fact that many, many babies being aborted late-term survive the process — not just a tiny few, as pro-abortionists keep insisting. And so these innocent little souls have to be murdered.

    “In Dr. Gosnell’s clinic, typically by cutting their heads off. In one instance, a child arrived on the table with its eyes and jaw torn off by Gosnell’s forceps. While this helpless, sinless, creature lay writhing on the table, screaming, Dr. Gosnell gestured impatiently at an assistant — do something about that.

    “How many children were so murdered? I believe that Gosnell’s charged with seven counts, but testimony indicates there may have been a hundred — maybe more, maybe a lot more. And so the liberal press, ever supportive of a woman’s right to “choose,” just can’t have that known.” READ MORE via Working Up to Auschwitz

POL AT Life after birthMaybe a hundred babies … and it’s not newsworthy? The administration has decided we-the-people don’t need to know this? There are other more vital matters for the people to know and understand? What’s the big deal? Just a few babies?

My heart cries not just for Americans, but for those waiting for Americans to return to their heritage and BE the LIGHT in this darkening world! Sadly, many are merely lining up in agreement with the policies that permit, and even condone, this devaluation of LIFE! Do we really want to experience the tyranny and poverty known by many parts of the world? Whether driven by faith or humanity, compassion costs. MONEY is not evil; it is the LOVE OF MONEY that destroys! Policy makers and population alike, we are ALL doomed if we don’t WAKE UP, AMERICA, and start acting like Grown ups!!!!!

“We make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give.”

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)

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