So … I went to see Act of Valor today. Lots of echo before the cry, this film and its active duty cast exceeded my expectations.

If you have even a drop of patriotic blood flowing in your veins,
please see this film.

SEALs climb ladder to their extract platform CH47 Helicopter in Relativity's Media's upcoming release, "Act of Valor". Credit: IATM LLC

The acting is not terrific – they are warriors, not actors,
and some will take offense at Hollywood’s choice to have a Jewish
financial angle attached to the true antagonists
who were radical Islamists in a global battle.
Holly wood is still Hollywood.

As a few in the know have said, this is the future of warfare!
Black Hawk Down!
The product of ailing minds trapped in a building without windows,
today’s war is in isolated pockets, and requires highly skilled,
specially trained warrior teams as seen here.

Theatrically, it was an ensemble piece, which is representative
of the story and the lifestyle of those who serve in this capacity.
The depth of personal connection between these team members
is beyond comprehension.
These warriors are a team, they live and work as a team.

It was a deeply inspirational film for me.
I’m exhausted from the stress of it!

Oh to be 25 again!