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fight for the truth

The Door Sweeper

Behold, standing by the swinging doors,
The burly DOOR SWEEPER, with outstretched arms,
His implements of deception held firmly in clenched fists,
Ready to hide all evidence of evil.

Masked ingeniously by the sweet songs of summer,
The DOOR SWEEPER silently sweeps truth underground,
While the masses enjoy their sweet summer splashes,
And TRUTH sinks silently into the deep.

Named for their heroes, the Sons of Liberty gather,
Bound by honor and driven by an Oath,
To lend an arm to History’s wayward babe,
And regain our firm footing on solid moral ground.

Blinded by ignorance and crippled by distraction,
The masses are lulled into vain satisfaction,
But Liberty will endure and arise stronger still,
And the DOOR SWEEPER will lick his wounds in defeat.

Hark! How the call of History beckons,
To the heart of mankind to see clearly the subtle signs:
A magnitude of lies and a flood of deception
Has mangled and beaten Truth out of our sight.

Yet, it lingers nearby, guarded by honor,
The Sons of Liberty are coming together at last,
To rise to the occasion and defend unto death,
The noblest, most courageous song of America!

Seldom heard additional verses.
Give these lyrics some thought … and notice the punctuation!


via BeKindReWrite!