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Alex Hribal

I have been … “uninspired” to write because I have nothing new to say. We face the same battles each day, against an un-American … maybe even anti-American US administration that is successfully tearing apart the moral, social, and commercial strata of our nation with little to no resistance.

Yet, there have been … and continue to be “rumbles.” If I had to give a report, I’d say the dissatisfaction among the American people is spreading and churning up pockets of thought. In general, “Get out of my face” thought, although I did see a “Ready for Hillary – 2016” sticker the other day, and I wept in prayer.

I live 10 minutes from the Franklin Regional High School where the stabbings occurred last week. What could cause a decent young man to flip out like this? “Water cooler talk” around here this week has focused on “bullying.” Yet, it now appears bullying was not a factor.

Still, the same news “journalists” (and I use the term loosely) that cry out against school violence, are the same ones who spew hatred of any and all people or groups who think differently than their pundits. The over-paid, over-publicized celebs who make radical statements against “intolerance,” are the most public offenders of tolerance via their TV shows, music and movies.

    Tolerance is NOT a synonym for “political correctness.” Tolerance is acceptance – allowing people to think for themselves and using the ability, the maturity to be civil even if disagreement arises. Tolerance is NOT demanding special treatment aside from rights granted by our Constitution. Tolerance is NOT blocking funding for opposition groups. Tolerance is NOT forcing people and/or businesses to go against their religious beliefs for the sake of a few. THAT is COERCION!

Political parties are made up of INDIVIDUALS who possess the right to think for themselves, as granted in the Constitution. BOTH parties also contain some among them who are corrupt, self-serving individuals who wouldn’t know “public service” if they tripped over it! These individuals need to be removed – voted out! They can’t, however, unless there is someone ready in the wings, someone of BETTER character – and YES!!! Character Counts!!!!! That is up to us – you and me. We must educate ourselves. We must see through the BS! We must VOTE!!!

I recommend genuine TOLERANCE! Good, wholesome debate can really help if we can manage our tempers and our words! Self-control is a GOOD thing!

There isn’t much disagreement that our society is getting more and more violent … sicker! The disagreement comes as to the cause. But it seems pretty self-evident that as morality has been shredded by TV & movies over the last few decades in the name of “diversity,” that violence and depression have risen. It’s not rocket science! If the stabilizing factor is removed (God is Dead-1968,) the moral foundation will crumble, and if that crumbles, there is no “glue” to hold the culture together. Holding fast to Judeo-Christian morality does not insist everyone be religious or attend church. It requires nothing except a willingness toward self-improvement, toward greater self-lessness rather than the overwhelming selfishness of our present culture.

Children learn by watching those in authority around them. What does our behavior (as parents & grandparents) teach our children? How will our children learn to get along, to TALK to one another, if we cannot demonstrate how it works? If we don’t learn, it will be our children and theirs who pay the price for our inaction! Are we selfish, self-serving individuals who do everything for a selfish reason? Or can we learn to value each and every person as an individual of value and seek opportunities to give of our self?