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Furnace Help

PLEASE NOTE: While there are government programs to help offset heating bills, there are NO government programs that help with the expense of furnace repair or replacement. I spy a FREE MARKET OPPORTUNITY!!!

This took place in Pittsburgh, PA … so PROUD of my fellow “Burghers!”

Y108 Listeners Donate And Install A Furnace

    Happy New Year! This is Jimmy and Monty with an inspiring story of the compassion of Y108 fans.

    Kathy moved into her Muse home in July, as part of a rent-to-own arrangement. But, she had not workable furnace, and she was relying on seven space heaters and a kerosene heater to get her through the winter. Christmas was a week away on December 18, and when Kathy heard us asking our audience how they’d spend $1,000, she called Y108 to say that she’d buy a furnace.

    We immediately got calls from Y108 listeners who wanted to help. Jody had money she’d set aside to donate to a charity. Tim had acquired two barely used furnaces from some recent demolition work. Bob from Precision Plumbing volunteered his time.

    Kathy tells how it all came together. “Last Saturday (December 28), the guys came out and installed the furnace. Tim had the used furnace. Bob… brought a buddy of his, Jason, and they all came out and they all worked on it.” The installation took about 7 hours.

    “Jody was at my house yesterday, she was the one who called and said that she would donate the funds.”

    “It was amazing, too, because they all live so close. Jody’s right over the hill from me.”

    Kathy says that having a working furnace is “amazing”, and there were “lots of hugs” all around. She adds, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause”.

    (PHOTO above Left to Right: Tim who donated a furnace, Kathy, Jody who donated funds, Bob from Precision Plumbing in the Santa hat, and his coworker Jason)