I’ve had this same thought … that the proverbial pendulum has swung just about as far LEFT as it can. Its momentum is slowing, and I expect to soon see the shift back toward the RIGHT begin! Keep praying, America. Our time is coming!

We are coming

Fellowship of the Minds

Good Piece from The Tea Party Nation.


Liberalism has seen its high-water mark.  Now liberals are starting to retreat.  If the liberals are in retreat, it provides the greatest opportunity for conservatives to advance an agenda in the last thirty years.

What is the liberals’ Waterloo?  How do we know liberalism is now in collapse over this?

You know things are bad for liberals when the organs of the liberal media establishment are calling for surrender.

That is happening.

The Chicago Tribune has called for Obamacare to be repealed.

Hell may have frozen over but when even the liberal media is telling liberals to give up on Obamacare, America is winning.

Last Friday, the Chicago Tribune called for Obamacare to be repealed.  The editorial board of the Tribune wrote: The Americans manhandled by this exercise in government arrogance now find themselves divided into warring tribes: Those with chronic…

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