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How 'bout a Holiday Block Party?

How ’bout a Holiday Block Party?

Taking Back our Neighborhoods

As we come into the Holiday Season, we must understand that many of our neighbors are financially and/or emotionally stretched beyond their means. Others will run up extravagant credit card bills to lavish their loved ones with “stuff” that will be trashed or discarded within a month. Across the nation, food banks are struggling to keep their shelves stocked for the genuinely needy. Homeless shelters see the weather turning colder and more desperate people in need of shelter. Of course, there are those among us who abuse the system and drain our resources, but that doesn’t negate the true need that exists.

It is my contention that we are ALL people of faith … the question is in what or Whom do we put our faith? It is not up to me to decide, nor is it up to me to sit in judgment! It is up to you and me to CARE about our neighbors! Can we DO this, or are we too ruined by fear and suspicion?

caring ...

caring …

Years ago, before 9/11 … before the nation went crazy, we knew our neighbors. Our children played together. We got to know different family and cultural traditions through people we lived next to and worked with. It made us richer human beings. Jews, Christians, and Catholics all living together, sharing “American Life!” Germans, Irish, Ethiopian, Chinese, Argentinian, Ukraine, Nigerian, Cuban … it didn’t matter where we came from. We were all AMERICANS. We still are!!!

Listed below is a short list of some of my favorite organizations that help our NEIGHBORS. Maybe if we all added our NEIGHBORS to our Christmas/Chanakah list, we’d appreciate the season more?

Share Your Holiday Spirit with Your NEIGHBOR!

Be creative! Get acquainted with NEIGHBORS. We don’t have to be best friends, but we all have something to share with one another!
DONATE to one of the organizations listed above, or one of your choice, and help bridge the gap for those in need.