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Freedom is responsibility

You might be a Conservative if …

A number of times I’ve heard Conservative leaders indicate a dire need to educate the American public about the current status of the political system in the US. The Party of JFK, for instance, is not Obama’s party. Neither is the party of Sen. McCain, the party of most Republicans. Party lines have been skewed … or blurred … or even erased in favor of self-interest.

In light of this mass confusion or mis-identification, some questions are listed below to clarify the mis-information espoused by the media and those pushing to deceive the American people for selfish gain.

So, without further ado, YOU might really be a Conservative if

  1. you think our federal, state, and local governments ought to be required to formulate a budget and stick to it … Period! (just like you and me!)

  2. you understand government is hired by the People, and must answer to the People for their policies, decisions, and actions.

  3. you know ALL humans are greedy, not just the rich.

  4. you think a “Fair Tax” (or flat tax) is the most equitable way to tax the nation. It’s simple and fair!

  5. you there are many types of intelligence, most of which can not be well measured!

  6. you think any individual’s greatest personal treasure is his/her dignity.

  7. you understand that every human being needs a purpose, a reason to live, and that most find that in work and family.

  8. you know that the earth has “seasons” for various things, and that while the earth is actually cooling, it has nothing to do with “greenhouse gases,” which are actually Carbon dioxide – what you and I exhale and what green plants ingest. You also understand that things like “green” electric cars must be plugged in, and therefore actually use MORE fossil fuel while claiming to be “green friendly.” It’s all a scam!

  9. you appreciate the benefits of living in a nation enriched by a multitude of cultures imported by legal immigrants.

  10. you know Jesus taught “personal responsibility,” not “personal entitlement!”

  11. you wonder where all the bra-burning feminists are when it comes to the growing college interest in radical Islam that enslaves women.

  12. you favor the Constitutional rights of the individual over the assumed “good” of the “collective.”

  13. you think greed has corrupted corporate America, but also government and the Unions, and only a free market can hope to counter greed’s effects.

  14. you know that even when it’s rainy and overcast, the sun is still shining!

  15. you understand a universal moral code is necessary for a civilization to thrive.

  16. you remember the days when neighbors actually knew one another, helped one another, and accepted our differences, instead of suspecting them of any number of crimes.

  17. you understand that “political correctness” is just another word for censorship!

  18. you’ve been a convenience store clerk, a school teacher, a soldier, a mother, and never been on welfare even though it might be more … politically correct.
  19. you think most Hollywood celebs would be much better actors (and people) if they remembered what it felt like to struggle.

  20. you question the message of both Lenin and Lennon!

  21. you understand that making welfare a lifestyle is not HELP, but just another name for slavery.

  22. you believe in the “Hand up,” but not the “Hand out!” For something to have value, it must cost something.
  23. you want our federal government to STOP sending money and weapons to those who are NOT our allies.

  24. you believe all individuals are created equal under the Law, that each individual has the right to pursue his/her life according to his/her dreams, values, and goals as long as they don’t infringe someone else’s right to the same.

  25. you believe we are all different, uniquely gifted and valuable to society.

  26. you believe it is impossible to create an education system that will produce only “successful” students.

  27. you adhere to the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  28. you are willing to fight to maintain the Right to bear arms in defense of yourself, your property, and your Constitution.

  29. you think education’s role is to equip students to consider options and think for themselves rather than program them how to think.

  30. you think the purpose of government is to facilitate the ability of the People to pursue their individual life, liberty, and happiness.