And AMERICANS pay thousands of dollars to allow this man to corrupt our children with his poison!

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Yes, it still waves over the land…although free and brave are turning out to be relative terms.

As there is more to the story than Kevin Blackistone, journalism “expert”, simply going off on “The Star Spangled Banner” for being a war anthem, watch the video in context of what happened on ESPN’s “Around the Horn” the other night.

Just a couple questions for Professor Blackistone: First, you do know that the poem was written by a civilian witness to the Battle of Fort McHenry which guards the inner harbor in Baltimore in September of 1814 when the British attacked it?  Right?  And you do know that when one side defeats the other in any war battle, the first thing they do is take down the opposition’s flag.  Correct?  With that in mind, have you ever read “The Star Spangled Banner” as a poem in context?

Oh, say can you see,

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