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After watching the hearings this morning with Sec. Sebelius , it seems the questions important to me are not important to those asking the questions. Here are a few of mine. Please add yours!

  1. I am reluctant to EVER enter my SSN on a website. How SECURE is the Heathcare.gov website? What assurances can you give me and the American people that our highly sensitive personal information is SECURE?
  2. If I don’t WANT or NEED different insurance, why must I buy it? Why are unnecessary coverages included in the packages? Why can’t Obamacare be an OPTION?
  3. How is the American public supposed to TRUST a government that obviously lies routinely for its own political purposes?
  4. It has been reported that the heathcare.gov website cost roughly $634 MILLION in taxpayer money, and at that, it doesn’t work. Do you suppose it was never designed to work? Could this just be a necessary transitional stepping stone to the much desired “Single-payer” medicaid style healthcare for every American? At whose expense?
  5. What security clearance/background checks are required for Obamacare “Navigators?”
  6. And finally, if this illustrious administration cannot even get a website up and running successfully, why the hell should any of us expect them to be successful in the actual implementation of this fiasco?

Please comment with yours!