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When I got this email below, I found myself filled more with dread than anger. Because of the power and prestige it provides them, men and women have always fought ferociously for high office. Nonetheless, I dread knowing what God thinks of the accusations that politicians make against each other in these days.

Devoid of frills, here is today’s Cuccinelli Compass.  In it, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli refutes Terry McAuliffe’s lies.


Dear Fellow Virginians,

I am going to make this Compass very short and straightforward.

Terry McAuliffe is lying about, among other things, contraception.

In T.V. ads, mail and during debates and forums, McAuliffe is telling two lies:

1) He is saying that personhood legislation that I have supported in the past would have outlawed contraception, which is false; and

2) He is also saying – without citing much of anything – that I want to ban contraception…

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