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Whether it is the nation as a whole, or my little corner of it (family), the challenge is the same. IDENTITY!

Many of us have been quite active over the last few weeks working toward the defunding of Obamacare. It didn’t matter that logic was on our side. It didn’t matter that the American people were on our side. The media was not, and perhaps, never will be. So … now what?

I saw a discussion on facebook about the creation of a third party. The poster stated, correctly in my view, that the Republicans have left a large segment of their constituents behind and become the old Whig Party, denying the Conservative stand of most Republicans. His claim is that the media ignores or tarnishes anyone who disagrees, and this prohibits contrary views from being part of the public domain. The IRS scandal (which has been quickly pushed out of the headlines) is clear evidence of this “silencing” of views that oppose the President.

courageThe question remains, how do we, the opposition, move into the next election cycle without faith in our leaders? How can we change our leadership? It’s not so much the fiscal issues that divide, but the social issues. Abortion, even after 40 years, is still as hot a topic as it was back when Roe v Wade went to the Supreme Court. In addition, we have now the gay marriage issue which divides us and even gun control.

I don’t know if a third party WIN is possible, but I do know that Americans have to make a decision, the sooner the better, concerning morality and civility. We must decide WHO we want to be. Are we going to be the compassionate, helpful, generous, and kind people we have been until this current President took the reins? Or are we going to continue down the road of hate, destruction, resentment, his false notion of “fairness,” and poverty?

obamas-phony-scandalsThe political actions of this administration are very simply make clear Obama’s hatred for everything America has represented for over 200 years. And, while some people declare him incompetent, he has succeeded beyond expectation in the destruction of America’s economy, America’s middle income industry, and small business. He has brought a depth of jealousy and greed between socio-economic levels that never existed before his regime. He has also brought about a resurgence in racial tensions as he drives false wedges between races and other social differences. We now experience the lowest morale within the military ever known resulting in unprecedented numbers of suicides and untreated PTSD among Veterans. In short, in the 5 years of his presidency so far, he has succeeded in turning Americans against one another in record numbers simply for his (and his party’s) benefit. It’s all about CONTROL!

The Gun laws are all about CONTROL!

Obamacare (The un-Affordable Healthcare Act) is all about CONTROL!

The Global-warming myth is all about CONTROL!

On and on the list grows while the people of this great nation ignore the outrageous scandals, the dismantling of our 235+ yr old brilliant CONSTITUTION, and generally surrender more and more CONTROL to the government. If only those who have sworn to “support and defend” our CONSTITUTION for ALL enemies, both “foreign and domestic,” maybe America could self-correct.

Calling on BOTH Democrats and Republicans
to uphold their Oath of Office

I don’t really understand this mindset. Does it really feel that good to sit around and watch “Let’s Make a Deal,” and collect welfare? Or are we too busy working 2 or 3 part-time jobs (since Obamacare is moving quickly to eliminate our 40 hr week)? Have we all pulled back into our shells in the hope the bad behavior of our leaders will just go away? Or maybe their bad behavior justifies ours?

Who are We Now? Who will We be in a Decade?

If we want our “Representatives” to be honest, WE must be honest!

If we want our Leaders to be KIND, WE must be kind!

If we want our elected officials to respect LIFE, WE must respect LIFE!

change you can believe inWe must demand integrity in ourselves first, then we can search for it in those who wish to represent us. We must treat others as we want to be treated if we want our leaders to work together in spite of differing ideals. We must respect our differences if we hope our representatives in government will consider all sides of a debate. It’s up to us! Don’t you see? This is exactly why our Constitution is so BRILLIANT!!! Ultimately, the POWER is in OUR hands. Over the past few decades, we have abdicated our responsibility and surrendered our POWER, but it’s TIME to take it back, don’t you think? The ball is in our court, so to speak. What will we do with it? Will we mature and take responsibility for our lives, our fortunes, and our honor? Or will we continue to yield our Liberty in exchange for leisure?

Perhaps a little reminder of the COST of FREEDOM will help to inspire us.

The Americans Who Risked Everything

Maybe a reality check will help us appreciate the VALUE of FREEDOM.


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