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Federal Government Pulls Aid To Food Pantry Because Of Their “Christian Practices”

From the time the first settlers arrived on our shores until several decades ago, charity and aid to those in need was supplied by the local community and the church. If there was an illness, injury or loss of a family member, the church was there to help provide meals, watch kids, etc. If a barn needed to be raised, the church members brought their tools, the women brought the meal baskets and everyone pitched in to help. The same was true of harvest time. Church families would help each other bring in their crops and in the process, there was usually a lot of sharing and trading of produce.

Back in Arizona, I had the honor of serving on the Board of Deacons. We helped out the elderly and families in need. We would organize meals, help pay bills when necessary and even help others from outside our church who came looking to keep their lights on or to put a meal on the table for their families. It was always a blessing to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Times are changing and fewer churches are providing that vital help to people and families in need. Part of the problem is that today’s people are too busy with themselves to worry about others and in a struggling economy, some churches no longer have the resources to help. Yet others have become so liberal in their theology that they have no concern for the needy. After all, and I’ve heard this on more than one occasion, let them turn to the government for help.

What many churches and Christians fail to realize is that attitude is playing into the government’s hands. Our federal government doesn’t want Christian charity to be the norm in America. Instead, they want everyone, and I mean everyone, to turn to the government for all of their needs. This is socialism 101 to its core.

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