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One look at our recent American culture and one concept is abundantly clear. We have become a fearful, myopic society. We’re self-centered, self-consumed, and self-absorbed. We are encouraged by all that surrounds us to JUDGE one another, to separate the population into groups or “collectives” and turn against one another because of our differences. And the up side of this is … ? Exactly what is the benefit of all this hatred and division?

As a woman of faith, it is my goal to imitate my God, to live as He lives, to love as He loves. This lead me to think about the gulf between the urge to be “of service” and that of myopic America. The difference is so simple! OTHERS!

Children are naturally myopic, selfish, but as we mature, we should become increasingly aware of the needs of others. It’s called “Other-awareness” in the education or psychology fields, but in life, it’s just growing up. If society doesn’t encourage us to mature in this way, however, it is unlikely to occur. What we are seeing now is a nation of people whose psychological development has been stunted by a shift in morality from others to ourselves.

change-historyThere are as many different ways to “serve” one another as there are individuals. We are each unique, and uniquely gifted. Some enjoy cooking and making a little extra to share with a neighbor is a joy. Some have organizational abilities and can help other start businesses or clean homes. Some are good with small children while others are better with Seniors who need assistance. Like a pond without an outlet, we grow smelly if we do not give of what we have received. Our “richness” grows stagnant and moldy unless we find an outlet, a way to serve.

If each person who reads this article decides to become a giver, a public servant or a neighbor, we can change the current drift of our nation toward oblivion. If we commit to this change and seek opportunities to help one another, kindness will spread and multiply because that is its nature! If we can do this, the government won’t have to!

givingService might be a position of employment or a volunteer position. It can be a regularly scheduled event or a random occasion. Service might be scrubbing toilets or teaching children. It can be at a Senior Citizens high rise or a Veterans center, making meals for a disadvantaged mother or picking up groceries for a “shut-in.” The cool thing is, each of us “see” a need in our community. It’s like a burr under a horse’s saddle that rubs and rubs until it’s dealt with. Whatever that “burr” is to you is most likely the way you are designed to help your neighbors and your nation. Get involved. Find a way to give. Find someone who needs your help, and then do it with a joyful heart and watch history change!