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Tuesday 6 November 2012 America's Rebirth begins

Reclaim it or lose it! It’s up to us!

Who are We Now?

To stand by silently while we look at the face of evil in full display before our very eyes is the very essence of condoning the evil being perpetuated.

If ever there was a time for decent people to stand up and be heard, this is it. We are assaulted on every front with compromise, corruption, and cowardice. Those we elected to represent us are not doing so, but rather working their own agendas at our expense.

We each in our own private agony seek a way to turn our nation back to her Foundation. But what can one man or one woman do against the blind hordes?



  • Why do American families feel the need to put their Seniors away in “care” facilities?
  • Why do African-Americans try to emulate the gangster culture, then wonder why the neighborhood crime rate goes up?
  • Why do young girls, pre-teen girls (and boys), feel the desperate need for a boyfriend, to be “sexually attractive” and sexually active and we say, ok?
  • Why do we look the other way for marital infidelity, pedophilia, drug or alcohol abuse, even shoplifting?
  • WHO ARE WE? We used to understand that kindness, integrity, honor were good things. Now, we look the other way. We lock ourselves behind the walls of our little (mortgaged?) castle and think we’re immune. We even know the famous quote about evil being the result of what happens when “GOOD” people do nothing. Have we connected the dots yet? We’ve done NOTHING for decades and evil, perversion, corruption, degradation … moral decay has swept across this land.

    So … who are we? Who do we want our CHILDREN to be?

    Re-Defining Personal Freedom
    and our National Identity

    I have listed a number of articles below, each spotlighting an error, a bungle, a wrong turn. I know it sometimes seems hopeless, but I honestly believe we are making headway one American at a time. I also believe we can only lead the way if we know where we’re going. It’s one thing to tear apart the policies of the President. It’s another thing to know where we need to go. One answer: the CONSTITUTION!

    It’s time we reach out and CARE for one another again. Fear has gotten us no where! It’s time to care about our Seniors and the riches of wisdom and experience they can share with us. It’s time to care about the children who spend their days in daycare or poor schools and what they’re learning. It’s time to care about the growing corruption in Washington DC, and take a stand for who we want to be 10 years from now. It’s time to get beyond Democrat or Republican and embrace one another as AMERICANS! It’s TIME to stop pointing fingers and start using our hands to help build the America we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren … One American at a time! IT’S TIME!!!