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Seek FIRST the Kingdom

If only we could DO this, huh? It is such a subtle thing. It’s a matter of FOCUS!

I cannot completely divorce myself from the political mess bubbling and surging around us, but I work to NOT allow the uncertainty, the immorality, and the open deception within our leadership overwhelm me. With the multitude of breaches of trust and disregard for our Constitution, the plethora of scandals and legal issues can be mind-boggling, but none of that is constructive.

Then I remember … “Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God …”

That doesn’t say don’t mess with the political issues. It doesn’t say, “Don’t get involved!” It says, “SEEK FIRST the Kingdom of God … ” It says to put our focus on Christ and do what Jesus has already directed us to do.


  • We’re not to SEEK that promotion at work, but we’re to always do our best.
  • We’re not to SEEK a list of good works, but focus on loving God and our deeds will confirm our devotion to God.
  • We’re not to SEEK possessions, i.e. houses, cars, or the latest tech toy, but as we SEEK God, He will supply our need and even some of our wants.

2Chron 7.14Concerning our nation, this lines up with 2 Chronicles 7:14 which gives us the perfect prescription for the health and restoration of America. It’s almost funny, isn’t it? God clearly lists the few steps toward the healing of our nation, yet so many of us try to think of something clever, to brainstorm a better way to get back to our roots, to the security of our Constitution. We are so stubborn, so arrogant! How God puts up with us I cannot fathom but for his unbridled love and patience!

Can we DO this? Can we pray for a turning of the hearts of the American people back to the GOD of our heritage? Can we respond with Godly grace instead of anger to the gibberish of the Godless? Can we remember that we are indeed, One nation UNDER GOD, and disregard the differences spotlighted by the media? This is the solution to the Godlessness we see rising around us.