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Yes, there are many outrageous things happening in the United States of America these days. Corruption, compromise, and more corruption from the Oval Office all the way down through the ranks and social strata to the streets. While it may seem like a oversimplification, the ROOT of the problem is simple: Godlessness!

Now, before you totally shut me off, let me ask an age old question, debated through the centuries: Can morality exist without God?

if my peopleIf by morality, we mean a personal system of boundaries, then the answer is maybe. But if by morality we mean a cultural system of boundaries that reflects and aligns with our system of laws, then the answer must be NO! In a culture that acknowledges God, (by “GOD” I refer to a non-specific super deity,) as America did until the 1960’s, there is a universal code of behavior that is generally accepted as RIGHT, and similarly, a set of behaviors that are considered WRONG.

When God is removed, suddenly everything is up to the individual. Right and Wrong become relative: what I believe is right & wrong may not be the same as what you believe, so then whose ideas do we follow? This is where America is right now, and there is evidence every place you look, from the push by a tiny fraction of the America population (some 2%) for same-sex marriage – not content with civil unions (why not, if the legal rights are the same?) – to a significant segment of the population glorifying the gangster lifestyle with ultra misogynistic tendrils and required violence – from the willingness on the part of illiterate college students to sign a petition in support of FOURTH TRIMESTER ABORTION (say what?) to an abject dissociative relationship with the reality of the various scandals and breaches of our Constitution, it seems a large portion of our population is logically (mentally) disengaged! I don’t know how else to interpret the daily news, do you?

**PLEASE watch the VIDEO at the link below, even if Glenn Beck is not your “cup of tea!” The issue he raises here is a deeply provocative one!

Glenn Beck’s Emotional Monologue on the Horrific Story He Says Is Being Swept Under the Rug Because It Doesn’t Further an ‘Agenda’

Glenn Beck confronted society’s morality on his television program Thursday evening, shocked and disgusted at the events of recent weeks.

He primarily focused on the horrific report of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly gang raped by up to ten men in Austin, TX, before being sexually assaulted by another man after being dropped off with “nowhere to go.” Doctors said their findings were consistent with the allegations.

“Where is the outrage? Where’s Al Sharpton?” Beck said, pausing briefly with emotion. “Where’s Barack Obama? Shouldn’t the president give a speech saying something like, ‘This girl could have been my daughter, after all my daughter is just turning 14?’ …How about speeches on the dangers of letting illegals live in the shadows? How about the speeches of let’s just be good to each other? Where are the marches?”

President Barack Obama spoke several times about 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot by George Zimmerman in what a jury recently ruled was self defense. The president said Martin could’ve been his son, or even could’ve been him 35 years ago. The issue aroused sustained national fury over the death of the 17-year-old.

But Beck said the 13-year-old girl should expect no such support.

“See, nobody really actually cares about people anymore,” Beck said. “It’s really only about politics. It’s not about Trayvon Martin. They had to make him look like a little 13-year-old-boy…Why? Because it would help them get elected, or re-elected, or get them to cause trouble or get more trouble. But see this little 13-year-old-girl, you don’t have to doctor a picture of her…she is 13.”

He continued: “We are witnessing a society that is completely detached, and we are detached because we have an agenda. Why didn’t we tell the story of the 13-year-old-girl? Because of an agenda. The second rapist was black, the others were illegal immigrants, so we don’t tell that story. That’s not a good story, that doesn’t help us with our agenda…”

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Remember Innocence?

Remember Innocence?