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from The Presidential Prayer Team website

God asks us – and commands us – in I Timothy 2:1-2 and Romans 13 to pray for our nation and its leaders. This boldness in prayer isn’t just about asking God for big things, but stepping out and trusting Him in faith, despite how impossible circumstances may seem. We can make a difference in America by praying bold prayers…prayers with answers that are only possible by God.

It’s our purpose as a ministry to use all of our available resources to mobilize an army of prayer warriors, people – like you – who unashamedly proclaim: We Pray For America.”

In keeping with this purpose, we’re introducing a new BOLD (Beside Our Leaders Daily) prayer initiative for impacting America’s leaders. “We the People” will be the largest and most valiant prayer campaign we’ve ever undertaken as the largest fulltime prayer movement for our nation. During the final six months of 2013, we’ll be giving you focused and specific prayer direction and information on the highest positions within our government. Each day we’ll move office-by-office and department-by-department — from the Administration, Congress, the judiciary, and our military — praying for those individuals within our government who shape the course of this great nation.

As part of this “boots-on-the-ground” approach, we’ll also let each leader know that hundreds of thousands of people will be praying for them as they work and possibly make important decisions about our country’s future.

Your bold prayers and faith represent the same kind of courage that launched our great nation 237 years ago and that has sustained us through wars, economic downturns and terrorist attacks.

This bold plan to inspire millions of Americans to pray for their leaders has received some significant financial help by several friends of this ministry. But, they recognize that their giving alone is not enough to underwrite the entire cost of this intensive six month campaign. So, we are asking for your prayerful, bold financial help. They have graciously offered to match dollar-for-dollar any gift of $25 or more given now, or promised through December 31. But, we must know of your faith-giving plans before midnight on July 4.

That’s right – ALL your financial gifts of $25 or more for the rest of this year will be doubled. Starting NOW … any gift received by July 4th and your monthly faith commitments will be doubled as you give each month until the end of the year. The deadline to give now or indicate your faith promise is midnight on July 4th.

In I Samuel 2:30, God promises to honor a people and nation that honor him, so let’s keep praying. We believe that the recent scandals coming out of our nation’s capital are just one way God is answering the prayers of our members to “bring to light” the wrongs and deceptions in our government. We thank you for your generous support and for being among those who boldly proclaim: “We Pray For America.”

Your Prayer Team