Would you know Tyranny if you saw it? How would you know? What abuses of power would you look for? What telltale signs would define it?

The Rio Norte Line

Consider these stories:

Eric Holder Ignores Lawmakers’ Deadline to Explain Inconsistent Testimony on Reporter Surveillance

Watch Eric Holder Refuse to Answer Whether Congress’ Phones Were Monitored

‘Annoy’ a Cop in New York State? That Could Soon Earn You 4 Years in Jail

Throw in:

Obama has declared he can assassinate U.S. Citizens because he “suspects” they are involved in terrorism.

Obama’s govt. has declared Christians, TEA Party members and military veterans to be “potential domestic terrorists.”

Obama has said he will go around Congress to do whatever he wants to do.

The IRS and – now – the bureaucracies under Obama are targeting political enemies and prosecuting them under a guilty-until-proven-innocent system of “regulatory justice.”

Obama has trampled U.S. Law to extort money from foreign corporations and to steal the private property of rightful owners and give it to his union political allies – and used the people’s money to…

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