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Conservatism Vs. Liberalism

Engaged or Tuned out:
Who has personal beliefs anymore!

There is mass confusion (and apathy) in America today and a desperate lack of clarity. The definitions of some terms we throw about at random have undergone radical changes in many cases, without the population realizing the degree of change. Liberalism has been defined and redefined in the past decades even more than Conservatism.

Obama Scandals GlennMcCoyMany Americans this week are shocked and disturbed by news of several scandals that have converged on the White House. NEWS FLASH: Each of the current scandals represents the very nature and definition of LIBERALISM. Take some time to read through and digest the comparisons below. Maybe write YOUR choices on a separate sheet of paper or print the page to help better define your personal beliefs.

  • Constitutional Rights
    Conservatives: Our Constitution sets the guidelines for our legal structure ad must be supported and defended by the People! The Bill of Rights must be supported even if it offends. If changes need to be made, there is a process to accomplish it legally.

    Liberalism: The Constitution is outdated, and the Right to free speech is limited to speech that does not offend. (Political correctness) Liberals support the authority of the President to override Congress as needed, therefore he can secretly authorize wiretapping of journalists or private citizens at random,as he deems necessary.

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  • Size and Scope of Federal Government:
    Conservatives: Limited federal government with more power given to state and local governments. Less government is better. Wants only necessary regulation of business, economy, and individual lives, resulting in more freedom.

    Liberalism: Powerful centralized federal government with limited state and local control. More government is better. Many regulations are necessary to achieve a more fair & just society which is government’s primary role, resulting in less freedom.

  • Economic Growth
    Conservatives: Free market economy allows open competition to regulate prices, increase demand, and create jobs.

    Liberalism: Government regulation of economy. With the magnitude of regulations, there’s an increased need for “enforcement” jobs in government.

  • Business
    Conservatives: Business is good: creates jobs & improves lives. Let free market supply and demand adjust practices and employers and employees determine wages/benefits.

    Liberalism: Business is evil: out to exploit employees, environment, and consumers. Needs to be regulated to protect consumers, employees, and the environment. Government regulates employee benefits.

  • Competition: Winning and Losing
    Conservatives: Competition is good. There are winners and losers in life, in business, and in school, as well as in sports. Conservatives support the right of every American to succeed and to fail; that ultimately, failure is just as good a “teacher” as success, maybe better.

    Liberalism: Competition is unfair, and that allowing failure may damage an individual forever. According to Liberalism, there are no winners, and there are no losers. Employers should fill job slots by first come, first serve since we are all “equal.”

  • Social demographics:

    Conservatives: Society is composed of individuals to be judged on their individual merit. Values individualism, self-reliance, and independence.

    Liberals: Sees society as composed of groups: black vs. white, old vs. young, rich vs. poor, male vs. female, gay vs straight, “religious” vs atheists. These groups are pitted against each other. Stirs up racial and class envy and division under the guise of “civil rights.”

  • Human Rights and Culture:
    Conservatives: Western cultures are more desirous than others because they aspire toward equal rights (Personal Freedom, Parental rights, Property, Religious, Guns, respect for Life) for each individual under the Law.

    Liberalism: All cultures are equal. Can’t pass judgment on any even if they don’t value freedom, rights, and life. Muslim Sharia Law, is a current example. While Shariah contradicts our Constitution, Liberals support the “right” of Muslims to disobey our Constitution in favor of Sharia.


  • Morality and Faith:
    Conservatives: God (no specific definition given) is an important part of the moral and cultural heritage of many people groups and bring great richness to any society. Absolute truths, like “The Golden Rule,” guide our American culture. Faith inspires people to strive for self-improvement and character development. Traditional morality, including traditional family, is established by absolute standards of right and wrong.

    Liberalism: State is secular (opposed to idea of God and hostile to Christianity). Liberals seek to eliminate references of God through doctrine of separation of church and state. Tolerance of all lifestyles & beliefs except those that hold views liberal leaders consider to be “intolerant.” No absolute standards of right and wrong. Moral relativism is practiced, so breaking International Law by running weapons through the Mexican drug cartels to forward the President’s gun control agenda is fine, and practice for doing the same through the American Consulate in Benghazi via members of Al Qaeda and/or the Muslim Brotherhood through Turkey to Syria is perfectly acceptable. The ENDS justify the MEANS!

  • Definition of JUSTICE:
    CONFUSION exists with the many Americans of faith. “Many Christian organizations strongly support social justice. However, this is a trap promoted by liberal Christianity claiming Jesus was a socialist. We are to help the less fortunate but we are not to become the less fortunate in the process. We are to give according to our abilities but social justice violates “thou shall not steal” and takes what is yours.”

    Conservatives: Promotes equal justice as stated in The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies. Equal justice for each American regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, gender or age is the goal of Conservative justice. Rights under the Law are not the same as condoning various lifestyles that are contrary to biology and history. Legal rights – yes! Moral license – NO!

    Liberalism: Promotes social justice, which “is a term describing the redistribution of wealth for the common good of all. However, this comes at the expense of wage earners and liberty by demanding a society to conform. Those who work and have must give to those who don’t work and don’t have. This is the fundamental basis of Marxism and championed by liberal progressives.”

  • On Parents’ Rights:

    Conservatives believe: Families know best how to raise their children. They need to be strengthened and have the right to raise their children the way they want. (homeschooling, discipline) The role of government is to make a number of tools available to parents to aid in the development and education of their children.

    Liberals believe: It takes a “village,” rather than a family to raise a child. Families are unable to properly educate and raise their children without the aid of the government, nor should they be asked to do so. The government can do a better job. Cradle to grave involvement is optimal. (see Julia)

  • Personal Freedom:

    Conservatives: Individuals are responsible for themselves, their property and their actions. Individuals are accountable to family and community for their behavior and that of their family members. Crime should be determined and punished equally. Evil exists, and good must fight against it on individual and community levels

    Liberals: Society is responsible for individuals. Man is inherently good, and something causes him to do wrong. (People raised in poverty must not be held responsible for anti-social behaviors>) They talk about how we need to change society when someone does wrong. Even terrorists need to be understood. Case in point: Gun control debate. Will taking weapons from law-abiding citizens cause criminals to convert to obeying the law?

  • Social Welfare:
    Conservatives: There is a limit to how much can be taken from hard-working people to give to others. Welfare should help people to become independent (not dependent) and given to those truly incapable of taking care of themselves. All able to work ought to be required to do so.

    Liberalism: Supports welfare state. Government is morally justified in taking from those that have and giving it to others because people are entitled to basic needs, including housing, food, healthcare, income, etc. even if they are able to work.

  • affirmative-action1

  • Equal opportunity:
    Conservatives: Equal opportunity without discrimination or preference. Recognizes people make different choices with what they have and that it isn’t government’s role to make things “fair.” While each individual has equal rights under the law, they are not all the same, therefore their goals and dreams, as well as their skills and talents are fundamentally DIFFERENT. Not seeking equal results!
  • Liberalism: Equal results through such things as quotas, free college, and equal pay for unequal work. Government has to level the playing field in order to have equal opportunity. Seeks equal outcomes.

  • Taxation:
    Conservatives: Supports lower taxes for all because people have a right to what they earn. More specifically, many Conservatives support some measure of FLAT TAX which would tax every American the same percentage (not the same amount!), like maybe 15%. So whether a citizen makes 15,000 or 150,000,000, they would pay 15%. Period! Conservatives maintain the Constitution defines the scope and extent of legal taxation.

    Liberalism: Supports progressive taxation with high taxes, at first, for the rich in an attempt to equalize incomes through redistribution of earnings. In reality, however, this system penalizes success and discourages innovation or creativity. Liberals believe taxes are needed to support government programs.

  • Environmental Concerns:
    Conservatives: People and property rights are more important than environment. Supports conservation and development and use of our natural resources along with the development of green technology by private enterprise and when it is economically feasible and self-sustaining. Opposes cap and trade due to its high cost and negative impact on our businesses and way of life.

    Liberalism: Environment more important than people and property rights. Supports rationing and limiting access to natural resources. Focuses on green technology subsidized by the government. Supports cap and trade to redistribute and control energy usage. Also supports the UN Agenda 21 initiative.

  • Lemonade stand

    Conservatives: Wealth is a reward for hard work, dedication, and perseverance. All have an opportunity to be wealthy (The American dream). Wealth creates a better life for all through entrepreneurship.

    Liberalism: Wealth is bad and unfair innately. Individuals are not entitled to work for material gain, only to meet basic needs. Liberal thoughts on wealth and earning promotes class warfare by disparaging wealth and poverty simultaneously. Interesting side note: Nearly ALL true liberals who adhere to to notion of “fair distribution of wealth” are wealthy. What is stopping them from “donating” more of their wealth than required?

  • National Healthcare (Obamacare):
    Conservatives: Supports healthcare reform that gives consumers choices.
  • Liberalism: Supports government takeover of healthcare, eliminating consumers’ choices and decisions.

  • Judicial Participation::
    Conservatives: Judicial restraint with strict interpretation of laws according to the Constitution and original intent.

    Liberalism: Judicial activism: enacting social policy changes via court rulings. Constitution is seen as outdated and in need of change.

  • In search of World Peace:
    Conservatives: Peace through strength via a strong military. Supports a missile defense system.

    Liberalism: Peace through appeasement, cooperation, and understanding others’ views. Dislikes showing and exercising strength. Opposes a missile defense system.

  • Obama's legacy

  • American Sovereignty& Exceptionalism
    Conservatives: American sovereignty comes before globalism. Conservatives see America as good, but not perfect: the best hope for the world. Conservatives believe in American “Exceptionalism,” that because of the unique liberties established at America’s inception, the American people have accomplished “exceptional” things. America enjoys remarkable innovation, invention, creativity, research and development opportunities. Sees America as flawed: racist, homophobic, imperialistic, sexist, ageist and no better than other countries.

    Liberalism: Globalism supersedes American sovereignty. Liberals in cooperation with the UN, seek the bring about the fabled One World Government, uniting all the peoples of the earth under one government, one monetary system, one economy, and one government religion. Fair distribution will bring about this “Utopia.”

  • Vision for the Future

    Liberalism (progressivism) wants to pull us further towards a welfare state with an ever-expanding web of social entitlements and more federal power and control over every aspect of our lives. Liberalism sees a nation of people incapable of solving their problems without the government’s help. Liberalism also wants to reduce American productivity and wealth to that of many other nations, thus equalizing the balance of power globally.

    Conservatism believes a large and powerful federal government limits personal freedom. Conservatism seeks to stop the growing entitlement programs, encourage individual responsibility, and return Constitutionally mandated power to the states. Conservatism sees a nation of people capable of solving their own problems with minimal government help or intrusion, as long as the people are moral and free.

    If you are still unclear as to what the differences between the philosophies are consider this:

    If either Party or philosophy held all 100 US Senators, all 435 Congressmen and the President for 10 years, what would our nation be like if Conservatives held them compared to what would it be like if the Liberals held them?

    I propose to you that we would have two entirely different nations.

    It is truly a time for choosing.

    Which nation do you want?