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A place in history, of time untolled,
A purpose and plan struggled against the mold,
Some strangers from across the sea,
Set out knowing nothing at all of me.

Looking through the stars, a stirring they felt,
On my distant shores, gratefully they knelt.
A firm foundation, their hearts to heaven soared,
With a twinkle in their eye and a future reward.

A city on hill, a new world of freedom,
A people self-governed, contrary to a kingdom.
That was the plan; that was the dream,
To rule over themselves without selfish scheme.

Alas, it now seems that some devilish machine
Has usurped the plan and banished the dream,
No longer this people willing to behave well,
Sold their will and devotion to a vile cartel.

Yet, off in the distance, muffled by noise,
Still Liberty’s voice, it calls with poise,
“Stand up and be counted, all you who’d be free,
The time has come to support and defend me!”

“Too busy,” you say, to get involved;
“Too much corruption, and lies, and scandals unresolved!”
Ah, but who allowed that to happen,” Liberty dares to inquire,
“Self-governing was the call, not sit back and retire!”

This ‘self-governing’ people has stopped governing altogether,
Stopped trying to improve, stopped reaching higher.
It’s so much easier to just sit and collect a check,
“Leave the heavy lifting to others while I enjoy my new deck!”

But the Land of the Free simply will not survive,
If mediocrity and laziness overpower our drive,
To conquer all obstacles, to rise to every challenge,
To grow up, to face up, and stand in the balance!

Inspiration Monday: looking through the stars Hope you don’t mind me dropping back in this week. I do miss the challenge of the “weekly assignment!”