REX REED – Still a sensible voice (and a cutie)! I KNEW Hollywood would butcher GATSBY!

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In An Age Of Un-Truth, Rex Reed Shines With Slam Dunk Facts Making Elitist Saps Nuts.

 He still has an adorable face. Cute older dude 😉

Reed’s Review: A Triumph on the Page, The Great Gatsby Founders Miserably on the Silver Screen

Rex Reed gives a blunt, in-ya-face review of one of the most boring movies ever; “The Great Gatsby”.  He critiques with a tour de force of harshness that is well-deserved in the age of un-truth and kiss assery..

Look at one of the quotes from his review:

You don’t realize just how much misguided damage can be done to a great novel until it is vaporized by a pretentious hack like boneheaded Australian director Baz Luhrmann.

Classic.  Makes me laugh out loud.  Then he ends the critique with:

I love the publicity quotes by Baz Luhrmann stating that his intention was to make an epic romantic vision…

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