Just a little “GLOBAL” insurgency!

The Muslim Issue

Christian Christel Golze of Heidelberg was riding on her way home on streetcar line 3 headed from Bismarckplatz in the direction of Leimen. Three young men with long beards and embroidered caps on their heads climbed aboard. One told her when he saw the cross she was wearing on a chain around her neck: “We will annihilate all of you.” And: “We will exterminate all of you.” Another obliged: “You will all go to Hell if you don’t accept the law of Allah.” Christel made the scandal public by writing a letter to the editor of the Rhein-Neckar Zeitung newspaper, which was also published there. In it she asked the question: “In what direction is this supposed to lead?” (Photo above: burning Christians in Egypt, one of the countries were Moslems have power and are showing the true face of Islam)


(By Michael Stürzenberger)

This question is more than…

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