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Daniel Horowitz
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tedcruzAs we’ve noted over the past few weeks, there are dozens of systemic flaws in the approach of the gang’s immigration bill.  But there are two overarching problems with all of these proposals:  1) the legalization (and certainly the suspension of deportations) is immediate and certain; the enforcement measures are later and tenuous 2) it is incontrovertibly clear that granting such a low-skilled population a path to citizenship, when coupled with chain migration and birthright citizenship, will constitute a demonstrative public charge.

Once those two issues are addressed, there will be a broad consensus on how to deal with those already here illegally.  At tomorrow’s Judiciary Committee markup, Senator Ted Cruz plans to throw down that gauntlet to the Democrats and Republican gang members.  If they truly desire a solution to this problem, which was largely created by some of the members on the committee…

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