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When the moral “cornerstone” was pulled from the structure of the American culture in the early 1960’s (removal of prayer from schools et al.,) our moral free fall began. It took us through the “free love” era and the “Down with authority” moment. Rebellion was encouraged, AND politically correct!

So … what happened to morality? It has disintegrated! The “cornerstone” was removed, and now the building, the USA, is collapsing!

Muslims Attacking and Persecuting Christians in America! Where are the Police?

By Gordon King on May 7, 2013 • ( 2 )

Commentary By Gordon King

What is happening to our society? Where are the morals and values? The video that I have posted below shows the changing values of our government and police force. The intrusion of Muslim and Islamic values into our once great country. The persecution of Christians which is now happening in America. This small group of Christian men are shown peacefully sharing the word of God. Hundreds if not thousands of Muslims surround them, cursing, throwing objects at them (cement, stones, bottles, crates, whatever they can find). Police come by several times to speak to the Christians. More HERE