We’ve all heard the nightmares. We understand at least a fraction of the sacrifices these men and women make … and their families, but only a fraction, unless we’ve been there. But how DARE our President say he will stand with them when he routinely DISHONORS them and their service?

If this is not simply APPALLING to you, you must be dead inside! To add to this nightmare, I am aware of the potential, too, for fraud! In fact, I am acquainted with a man, a VET, who receives 50% disability for PTSD from Nam … yet takes no medication, undergoes no regular treatment, is required to attend NO support groups or any other “accountability” measure. Nothing! He is perfectly ABLE to work, just CHOOSES not to… Now I wouldn’t begrudge him help if his claim had any legitimacy, but … there are so many … HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of VETS who NEED assistance and/or treatment but can’t get it! WHY?????