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A massive explosion lights up the night sky in Damascus (Image from YouTube)

A massive explosion lights up the night sky in Damascus (Image from YouTube)

From The Blaze

    “New videos posted overnight show dramatic and powerful explosions that occurred on the outskirts of Syria’s capital Damascus early Sunday morning.

    Syria’s state television is blaming Israel for striking the military research center in Jamraya just north of Damascus. Israeli officials are not commenting publicly, but a senior U.S. official tells NBC News that Israel was behind the attack.

    “The new Israeli attack is an attempt to raise the morale of the terrorist groups which have been reeling from strikes by our noble army,” Syrian television said.

    A woman who lives in Damascus told Al Jazeera that she heard a rocket whizzing by after which “everything started to shake.”

    “We heard a very huge explosion like ‘boom’” which blew the doors open, she said.”

    In this video which is described as overlooking Qasioun Mountain, an initial explosion is followed by a second and then a dramatic, massive third explosion. Qasioun Mountain is a place where military assets belonging to government forces loyal to the embattled President Bashar Assad are situated.

    It is likely Assad opponents filmed the scene, as cries of “Allahu Akbar” are heard in the background. More here

Almost everybody wants the Assad regime gone. The trouble is that the expected quick removal, as in Libya, didn’t occur. Not only that, but it appears that Syria was beginning to prevail over the FSA. This, of course, could not be tolerated.

The situation that we see in Syria is the visible part of an international struggle for power and money. In other words; the control of energy supply.

Please take the trouble to read this. It was written a month ago, before the Israeli strikes, by a commentator who concentrates his interest in this region.

Reshaping the Syrian Battlefield

Assuming that you’ve read that, it now seems that no-one is in the mood to negotiate.

I am as staunch a supporter of Israel as I am of America and the free world generally. That does not mean that I willfully blind myself. It seems to me that Israel has accepted the task of militarily supporting the Free Syrian Army (FSA) as it is very hard to criticize that beleaguered nation.

Israel’s recently discovered gas deposits make this more than a self-defense issue. They are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood backed “rebels” when it is the MB backed Hamas that was so recently attacking them from Gaza. The FSA has begun it’s slaughter of Syria’s Coptic Christians, as well as other non-Muslim denominations, disregarding the fact that they have been losing ground until this point.

List of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel, 2012

Mainstream media refuses to cover the nearly daily missile attacks on Israel, yet they are quick to call Israel “aggressive” when they make a decisive strike clearly saying, “ENOUGH, already!” The attack America experienced in Boston last month is typical of those experienced by Israel more often than we, as Americans, can possibly imagine. They live with the daily threat of attack. They get up each day, go to work or school, raise their families under this stressful threat 24/7/365, and still THEY are the aggressors??? Please!

Syria. Islamists have expelled 90 percent of Christians in Homs

Is ISRAEL the aggressor here, when they simply seek to defend themselves from attack in every direction? If you take a minute to look at a map, Israel is a tiny, nation surrounded completely by those wishing their annihilation! They endure nearly daily attacks within their borders from one faction of Islam or another, yet THEY are expected to “share” their land with Palestinians. They accomplish this with greater “graciousness” than imaginable, yet still more is expected of them.

How generous might you feel if you and I endured “Boston Marathon” attacks daily? Just sayin … Think it though, America! Don’t just buy the “party line!”