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By all appearances, America has joined the ranks of Socialist nations like the UK and Italy to open wide for Islam’s welcome in spite of the volumes of evidence that decry such a move. No other “religion” (and I use the term loosely) has such an extreme “exclusivity” clause as Islam which commands “JIHAD” on all who will not convert. No exceptions, no other criteria, no other religions accepted.

“Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.”
Alexis de Tocqueville

It cannot be a good thing, an evolutionary bonus for one nation to open its doors to it avowed enemy, even in an attempt to “understand” them. We in the West, cannot get inside the heads of these people because we haven’t lived their lives, their morals, their life standard. I’m not talking about rich v poor here. Afghans, for example, have never tasted personal liberty. They teach their children hatred of the Jews and the West from their births. Americans are not familiar with this even if we “know” it with our minds. it is something totally foreign to us.


    “Given the history of mankind, few generations escape the threat of civilizational darkness in one form or another, and the Free West has had perhaps more than its share of challenges. If blessed or fortunate, these forces of destruction are met when a people are in their ascendency or vigor and able to command their virtues as a counter to subjugation or annihilation. In contrast, societies which have forgotten their martial fortitude and love of self-determination, a trait that all healthy higher cultures manifest, telegraph unmistakably that they are exhausted and ripe for concessions. Having waxed luxurious and insensate, such peoples grow to believe that the world was forged on the day they were born and will end when they have passed through the ether. In obliterating the past, the future is reduced to a fool’s dream that is as unworthy of concern as the beating of a butterfly’s wings in the Sudan. I believe that we find ourselves in this latter age.

    “And who can doubt that America is quickly becoming such a people? Although possessing a military-technical prowess that has been the envy of the earth, the prerogatives and prudential will to utilize that power has been diminished by the preoccupations of self-doubt and the insane crippling fetish for equalization that invariably accompanies the debilitated spirit. To be sure, nothing exemplifies such moral enervation as the schizophrenic Obama foreign policy of “leading from behind.” Indeed, this passive-aggressive policy funnels money and arms to our sworn enemies while it disengages into the persona of a sideline spectator — creating a power vacuum that is enthusiastically filled by foreign seats of power that revel in our enfeeblement and contemplate our impending humiliation with gusto.” READ MORE

government dependencyOne of the FACTS children today are not being taught is that our decisions, thoughts, and actions all have CONSEQUENCES! Consequences can be positive or negative. When written, consequences are posed in “If – then” form: If it rains, then the ground will get wet. If I smile at the stranger, then she may smile back. If you eat lots of sugar, then you may develop diabetes. If you are lazy, then you most likely will not become wealthy (unless you get into politics!)

The moral decline that is lauded by the left and decried by members of the Tea Party will have consequences. Some are already showing in the rapid rise in the numbers on food stamps and disability. A civilization that is encouraged not to work, will soon stop working, or at least, stop working well. But there’s far more to it than “giver-ment” dependence.

    “When, in the 1950s, Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will bury you,” and, “Your children will live under communism,” Eisenhower’s America scoffed.

    “By 1980, however, the tide did indeed seem to be with the East. America had suffered a decade of defeats. Southeast Asia had fallen. The ayatollah had seized power in Iran. Moscow had occupied Afghanistan. Cuban troops were in Ethiopia and Angola. Grenada and Nicaragua had fallen to the Soviet bloc. Eurocommunism was all the rage on the continent.

    “Just a decade later, the world turned upside-down. The Berlin Wall fell. Eastern Europe was suddenly free. The Soviet Union disintegrated. China abandoned Maoism for state capitalism.

    “Now, 20 years on, the wheel has turned again — toward darkness.

    “In an essay, “The Return of Toxic Nationalism,” Robert Kaplan, a geopolitical analyst for Stratfor, writes that Western elites are failing to see the larger, darker picture of our evolving world.

    “Out of the Arab Spring will likely come an “Islamist-Nasserite regime” in Cairo, writes Kaplan.” READ MORE

Though it may seem a bit redundant, I believe with the Founders that …

“Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.

Alexis de Tocqueville

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For Such a Time as This

It’s time, it’s time for Americans
To quit playing round,
It’s time, it’s time, to find our way through
To the land of the free, the home of the brave.

Where men and women, young and old,
Are rich within themselves,
And plenty they have to share and enjoy,
When respectfulness abounds.”

For such a time as this, we have been created!
For such a time as this, we’ve been equipped,
To tear down strongholds or share a friendly smile,
To destroy hatred in our streets.

So think for yourself, for a change, my friend,
And dare to remember when …
In spite of our differences, or maybe because of them,
Americans were actually FRIENDS!

Stop listening to the pundits
Who posture with pretty words,
But listen instead to your heart of hearts,
And hear the heart of the God of your youth.

For such a time as this, TRUTH has been revealed,
For such a time as this we have endured,
We know what hardship feels like and brokenness, too,
But more, we understand God’s GRACE.

**a song to the heart of America**
©2013 Eaglesong