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It becomes more and more clear that President Obama’s strategy to implement as much of his Socialist agenda as possible involves an acting role for him. Rather than acting like a genuine leader, and leading our nation back from the economic slump, he has chosen the role of defiant savior warding off the evil effects of HIS OWN POLICIES, but blaming them on … Bush, the Republicans, Rush Limbaugh … anyone will do.

The pathetic part is,

His opposition doesn’t quite know how to attack it, either. TRUTH doesn’t work, because the pieces don’t fit. The media & Hollywood (for reasons I may go into later) have assumed the supporting roles affirming and confirming anything and everything the President does. no matter what it is, they twist it and turn it until it FITs the script. Truth is irrelevant. That’s why he can get away with …

  • Benghazi: 4 Americans dead on 9/11/12 in Libya, 30 something survivors bound by Federal Law to SILENCE, Suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists running AMERICAN weapons through Libya, to Turkey, to Syrian rebels who are also for the most part Al Qaeda.

  • Obama's anti-gun dream

  • Gun Control: Fear is a powerful motivator, and President Obama and the liberals are taking full advantage of the fear many people quietly harbor about weapons, in general. We fear what we do not know or understand. That is normal. We look at people swimming in the ocean and feel some fear … until we step slowly into the salty water and feel it, experience it for ourselves. Many Americans have never been around weapons and are unfamiliar with them, so there is a natural fear of them … until there is some personal experience with a weapon.“If the liberals currently in control of the federal government were really concerned about saving lives by banning things we don’t “need”, there are a number of areas that would have a much greater effect.” So Do You Really Need an AR-15?

  • Fast & Furious: Border Agent Brian Terry dead along with many Mexican civilians with American weapons smuggled INTO Mexico via FBI agents and Mexican drug cartel members to increase crime along the Mexico/America border to further President Obama’s “Gun Control” agenda

  • SEAL6: There is naturally a lot of confusion involved with SEAL6 and the other Special Forces assets involving the mysterious Chinook crash and subsequent deaths of these assets. This article might help clarify. SEAL Team Six Helicopter Crash: Let’s Debunk a Myth

  • ObamaCareSymbol

  • A Crushed economy: “The multiplication of public offices, increase of expense beyond income, growth and entailment of a public debt, are indications soliciting the employment of the pruning knife.” –Thomas Jefferson
    Unemployment up, more jobs lost, more regulations, our government borrowing nearly 40 cents on every dollar it spends. We haven’t even begun to realize the additional regulations, fees and taxes hidden within the 2000 pages of OBAMACARE or “Omamageddon!”

  • Education: First, every educator knows (and most parents, too) that the “formative years” where most vital learning occurs are ages 0 – 5, or more conservatively, 0 – 3. Yet, every administration – EVERY administration has focused federal monies on HIGH SCHOOL age programs. Preschool teachers are NOT standardly certified, nor are they unionized or well compensated. In spite of the President’s NEW emphasis on a Preschool program for EVERY 4 yr old, the MONEY still goes to secondary school programs. RE: American Education: Rotting the Country from the Inside

  • Sequester BS: “We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.” –Thomas Jefferson
    No amount of conversation or public outcry seems to have any positive affect on the liberal legislators in office. They are hell-bent on the continued ruination of America via outrageous and uncontrolled spending. The Sequester? Well, it is a case of the proverbial, “Much ado about nothing!” It is NOT a CUT, as you and I think of cut, as in what WE must do to compensate for the rise in fuel prices. We have to CUT spending in some area to cover the Spending for Fuel. No, the government sequester “cuts” are simply cuts in proposed spending! My budget says I will spend $3500 on groceries in 2013. However in 2014, I expect to spend, say, $5000. That is an increase in spending of $1500, right? It is STILL an increase. Now, if, I find, I can only increase my grocery budget in 2014 to $4500, I have CUT the INCREASE. It is STILL an increase in spending, but less so than anticipated.

  • While President Obama has clearly polished his acting skills at the expense of AMERICA, he is unable to ACT like a leader strong enough to lead this great nation toward prosperity. Instead, hes busy campaigning against the very effects HIS POLICIES have or will create: falling employment, rising prices, growing unrest … etc. I present all this to you, fellow Patriots, as a concise case for IMPEACHMENT. After all, we DESERVE, a President! The world NEEDS an American President! The Founders would be horrified by what I see … How about you?

    The growing case for impeachment of Obama

    free men or slaves