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Obama's Bill of Rights

Why are Americans so quick to surrender today?

For 236 years, the documents our Founders established with their blood, sweat, and tears have more than sufficed in the face of war, financial crises, and tragedy. Never have I heard talk of scrapping our Constitution until now. Why now? What has changed? If something has changed, is it a change for the better?

Built into the Constitution are specifically outlined methods for amending the Constitution in the event it is found insufficient in some way. Over the course of our history, that need to amend the Constitution has brought about legislative changes in accordance with the instructions outlined in the document.

WATCH the VIDEO: America Gets a Constitution

We must ask ourselves why we, as Americans, are so quick to want to change our Constitution by means of unlawful methods? Past administrations submitted to the authority of the Constitution, or they worked through Congress to bring about the desired changes … for 236 yrs.

President Obama is not the FIRST to want to make changes, but he is the first to openly say he believes America needs a NEW Constitution. What is it so urgent that our President must move by Executive Order? Are the American people so willing to follow blindly where President Obama boldly leads … Even when he moves contrary to our Constitution? Why is he unable to move his policies through Congress legally? What is the urgency? He controls the Senate and had both the House & Senate for the first couple years of his presidency. Why can’t he get his agenda passed? Could it be that even Congress knows Obama’s Dream is NOT in America’s best interest or what the majority of Americans want?

The point at hand, is the Second Amendment of the Constitution. This seems to be the topic at the water cooler or the gym, and from my own experience, Americans are furious that our President is messing with the Constitution. His response? 23 new proposed Executive Orders. TWENTY-THREE!!! The question is, “Can he DO THAT?”

Aggressive Executive orders are not unique to President Obama, in fact, President Clinton was questioned about the breadth and scope of his executive orders. “Many citizens and lawmakers expressed concern over the content and scope of several of President Bill Clinton’s executive orders and land proclamations. Congress responded with hearings and the consideration of several bills designed to curb the President’s authority to issue such directives. In an exceedingly rare act, the courts reacted by striking down one of President Clinton’s executive orders, and litigation to contest the validity of other directives is ongoing.”

If the American people have become so busy, so greedy, so tainted, so lazy, or so apathetic as to surrender the brilliance and foresight of these original documents to the agenda of the moment, as the Dr Benjamin Franklin decreed,


We learned today that, in fact, this administration DID lie to us concerning the Benghazi incident Sep 11, 2012. She and her boss, President Obama, are responsible for the lives of the 4 Americans lost, but they are also responsible for those that survived. Where are they? WHO are they? Have their families learned the truth? And Hillary says, “What difference does it make?” REALLY? This is the audacity of this administration. This is the attitude toward WE-the-PEOPLE … Does anyone else see the pathetic irony here?

This is the administration we want to ALLOW to rewrite our Constitution? Are you NUTTS? Stand your ground, Patriots!