This past Sunday’s homily included a quote from Pope Benedicte’s book called , ‘Spirit of the Liturgy’, and today I find a quote on a poster from Ignatius Press! This book is a must have. Reading through tweets this afternoon, I came across a post here,  taken from  the L’Osservatore Romano (the Vatican’s newspaper) which relates perfectly to the slogan on the  above poster:

and I quote:-

If relativism is taken as a norm  

2013-01-16 L’Osservatore Romano

Your Excellency, on 15 January the European Court of Human Rights published its judgments on four cases relating to the freedom of conscience and religion of employees in the United Kingdom. Two of these cases concern employees’ freedom to wear a small cross around their neck in the workplace, while the other two concern the freedom to object in conscience to the celebration of a civil union between persons of the…

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