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So, let’s have a conversation, America. We’re in the middle of a big fight in the USA,and it concerns the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, which reads as above. Most of us realize our President sees our Constitution as a “living” i.e. evolving document. An overwhelming majority of Americans, however, do not see it that way, but as a solid, absolute foundation upon which our nation is built. Problem is, those in agreement with President include 99.9% (conservative estimate) of all journalists/media outlets and celebrities with big mouths and plenty of camera time.

Lies of ‘Sandy Hook’ Please click!

The administration has a history of orchestrating events and “milking” tragedies for his political agenda. Remember, “Fast & Furious?” Remember the Aurora shootings? While I will not go so far as to accuse the President of arranging the “Sandy Hook massacre,” he is most assuredly milking it to further is dream (and goal) of a gun-free America. He has, in fact, rearranged the entire scenario, tampered with evidence, to fit his agenda.

Remember the horror of the “Breaking news” that morning? I do! The initial news report said Lanza used 2 handguns in the event and that an AR-15 “Bushmaster” was found in the shooter’s car. Just 2 days later, that scenario had been rearranged saying the AR-15 was found beside the victim’s body. It is now believed, they say, that the Bushmaster was the primary weapon used in the tragedy. Well … which is it? The result of this obvious and blatant manipulation of the facts is a media BLITZ attack on our 2nd Amendment rights to “keep and bear arms.”

Here's one with a wood grain stock. Looks more like a hunting weapon, right?

Here’s one with a wood grain stock. Looks more like a hunting weapon, right?

This is a "breast cancer" support weapon with a sponsored logo!

This is a “breast cancer” support weapon with a sponsored logo!

Just for the sake or argument, the same weapon found initially in the shooter’s car in Newtown, Connecticut can look ominous painted black, but it can also be painted other ways to make it appear less threatening. Bottom line is that ALL firearms are assault weapons, and the definition used in legislation is solely at the discretion of the author of the bill. How reasonable is it, though, for someone like Senator Feinstein to hold a concealed carry permit & carry her gun while she proposes a ban on the rest of the American people?

Similarly, there have been several news items posted in recent weeks extolling the benefits of an armed population.

Gun Control StatsThere are plenty of statistics that demonstrate many other items much more dangerous that any type of firearm. Still, the administration is locked and loaded toward the disarming of the American people in open and obvious contradiction to the US Constitution. Shall we put a ban on tobacco products or re-institute “Prohibition?” Shall we ban automobiles? Obviously, the answer is NO!

This adminstration is working overtime to install a”dumbed down” approach to life in America. President Obama believes, and he wants US to believe the American people are not smart enough to rule ourselves, even though we have done so successfully for more than 200 years. This is the whole “nanny state” mentality that he is encouraging in his “food stamps” push toward Seniors, repeated extensions for unemployment, and his lack of success in job creation. He doesn’t WANT to create jobs, America! He isn’t even trying to create jobs. We aren’t responsible enough to own and operate firearms, so he must take them from us one way or another.

If Guns were regulated like CarsThe US Constitution contradicts this policy vehemently, and so do the majority of American citizens – both Democrat and Republican! So … TAKE A STAND!

Just for the sake of argument, though, what do you think of the ideas in this graphic? Cars are regulated by state governments, according to state laws and oversight. Might firearms be managed likewise? Would it be an infringement of our 2nd Amendment rights to regulate firearms in this way? You tell me! Let’s have a REAL DISCUSSION here, America!