When I awoke this morning, I knew at least one if the challenges that awaited me. After a month home from overseas deployment, today I had to release my Soldiergirl back to our nation’s service.

She’s 23, and has been in the Army since Sep 12, 2007. This is her second overseas tour, and while she likes the Army just fine, she is tired of being so far from home. I don’t blame her.

On our way to the airport this afternoon, we encountered a funeral procession. The people in the various cars following the hearse were mostly young. Then we saw the flag-draped coffin. Tears silently rolled down both our faces as the realization sunk in: a service member had paid the ultimate price.

Obama advises Military leadersOur state-supported media allows Americans to believe the President is a peace-loving man and seeks peace in the troubled Middle East. This flag-draped coffin reminds us he has actually increased the numbers of casualties by his reckless cuts in supplies and manpower. He refuses the knowledgeable advice of the military experts at the cost of young soldiers.

Now, President Obama wants to cut the military even more. Of course there are misspent dollars in defense, but no more – no less than other gov’t appropriations, but is this where we really want to cut spending?

Mack-Penny-PlanThe Penny Plan makes so much sense, it’s no wonder Democrats refuse to even consider it. It’s too simple & too logical!  It simply cuts 1 penny, yes, 1 cent, for every dollar spent across the board. Every program, every department, every service … 1 freaking penny per dollar spent from education to defense. But it is somewhat uncomfortable, but we cannot continue to borrow 46 cents on every dollar from China. We must take responsibility for our debt, and work to rein it in.

Fire-obama-slide1I loathe dropping my Soldiergirl off at the airport. It hurts. As a mom, I wonder everyday if I did the right thing when I encouraged her to join, but then I see how wonderfully she has grown as a young woman, mature beyond her years, yet well prepared to face her future and make life’s decisions. As I drove home after dropping her off at the airport, tears streaked my face. Suddenly, a car buzzed by me and the passenger, apparently responding to my “FIRE OBAMA!” sticker, gave me a thumb down sign. It caught me off guard. I wanted to shout, to fight back, but I couldn’t and it really frustrated me. I know you share this feeling – How do we fight back?

WE-the-PEOPLE can learn from her. She doesn’t enjoy being far from home. She doesn’t enjoy the long hours and frequent moves, friends coming and going everyday … but she does it. WE know our government MUST stop spending money we do not have. We cannot continue to spend more and more and more. We have a generation that has made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of freedom. Surely, the rest of us can make some small sacrifice to our comfort. That is not too much to ask, is it?