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Election 2012 resulted in a disappointing observation. To quote Rush Limbaugh, “In a nation of children, Santa Claus won!

How do we get past the “entitlement” mentality of half of America? How do we bridge the “entitlement” gap?

In the span of a generation, the American culture has flipped 180°. It was a beloved Democrat, JFK, that delivered the famous admonition: “Ask NOT what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

obamacareToday’s Democrats (with the GOP not far behind) ran on a platform of “freebies” in exchange for liberty. Of course, they don’t explain it that way, but history tells us repeatedly to guard our liberty from any and all who would put a pricetag on it. Apparently, a majority of Americans have placed a very low price on their liberty – “Obamacare?” The Affordable Care Act will tax Americans (but not illegals) with an income of $14,000 an additional $2500 annually if they do not purchase the “State Insurance Plan!” Does that sound “AFFORDABLE” or “fair” to you?

There are other evidences of this irresponsible, myopic vision. This administration has a number of unresolved events with catastrophic results.

  • The FBI debacle known as “Fast & Furious” got as far as the White House in its investigation, and President Obama claimed “Executive” privilege. The only way he can legally do that is if he is intimately involved. Hello?
  • Obama’s claim to fame, the capture and … Of Osama bin Laden, though a successful mission, proved a precursor to the revelation that the event could have occurred sooner, but President Obama …hesitated. The heroic SEAL Team 6, responsible for this victory, was “outed” by the White House and soon after, a chopper with an unusual number of this team,  20 SEALS, were shot down mysteriously killing all plus the flight crew – 23 in all. This is, apparently, still … under investigation. Is anyone still asking why so many spec ops agents were on board an unarmored chopper? Does anyone care?
  • “Benghazi-gate” is our most recent event of, what seems like treason. The administration continues to hide behind “the investigation,” but we know the attack was watched LIVE from the White House. We know troops nearby on the ground were ordered to “Stand Down.” We know Gen Ham and Gen Allen, both distinguished career officers, refused to obey the order to “stand down,” and were relieved of duty within 24 hours. We know the administration has, with the help of the lap-dog media, succeeded in turning the bloody attack which resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans into a run-of-the-mill DC  sex scandal. Has America moved on to whatever the Kardashian girls or Snooki are doing today?

Final map 2012That doesn’t even touch the election, itself! Have you looked at the “results” map? How does the President win with so few “blue” specks amid the sea of red? Turnout results in some districts greater than 100% of registered voters, multiple precincts reported 100% for Obama – 0 for Romney, Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse … or any other candidate. Strange? Curious? Or just don’t care?

I don’t know how far our nation will have to fall before enough Americans care. I don’t know what might affect the change sufficient to re-awaken the attitude JFK called forth 40 years ago. This much I know, our Founders understood the elements required to build, establish, and maintain a Republic: personal sacrifice, virtue, and free trade!

John Dickinson - Higher SourceAs for me and my house, we will trust the Lord! This is where things get “radical.” I have told my adult children, and I’m suggesting to you, Patriots, that the only thing we have to cling to right now is what separates us from the Left AND the GOP >>> Traditional American Values! In this transition time, we, as Patriots, need to affirm our belief in our individual & personal FAITH – whatever that may be. We need to position ourselves to be of service to others in the “dark” (and dark is a relative term) days to come. Our WORDS must be put into action for the benefit of others who are struggling. THAT is the ONLY thing short of “bottoming out” that will turn the tide of entitlement around … maybe! But this I know, my God is still on His throne, and His will will be accomplished. My prayer remains the same: that America (and therefore Americans) will take a “reality” pill and … make the Right choice as individual Patriots.

“Right now I call the sky and the earth to be witnesses that I am offering you this choice. Will you choose for the Lord to make you prosperous and give you a long life? Or will he put you under a curse and kill you?
Choose life!”

Deuteronomy 30:19 CEV

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