We all know the many Scripture verses that remind us God is in control. We must not assume, however, that God is “pleased” with America’s choice for President, but He is God! We are not! We must press deeper into His character, His ways, His word at this time for the people of this great nation.

Remember, too, that FREEDOM is God’s idea! True freedom only flows from Him and no man can take that from us. The liberties we have enjoyed in the USA, may continue or they may be diminished, but Freedom in Christ remains! It is our privilege and duty to pray as God directs us, and that includes praying for our leaders!

Please read that note I received below from the Presidential Prayer Team, and consider joining our effort to turn the hearts of our leaders and the people back to God! ~ BBB

Dear Concerned Americans,

God’s will can often seem an elusive thing. Or is it?

The morning after Election Day, many of us were honestly wondering, “Is this really God’s will?” Whether it was the outcome of the presidential election, or the races in Congress, or state and local elections for political offices and propositions, it was easy to question if God saw – or even cared – about any of it.

So let me remind you of a powerful reality. The course of your life over the next four years will be determined by the Lord, not the election. As Jim Ray wrote in our November 7 Vantage Point devotional: “You are not an insignificant pawn subject to the whims of a politician, but a powerful servant subject to the will of God.”

Yet the other powerful truth to remember is this: God’s command to us from I Timothy 2:1-2 remains valid today and every day. When Paul wrote that verse, the recognized leader of the world was the Emperor Nero, who was not exactly a friend of Christians. Yet Paul exhorted believers then – and today – to pray for all who are in authority over us. Why? Because that IS God’s will. Even when we don’t like the leaders or their decisions; even when we disagree with the declining state of morality in American society; even when we are unhappy… We are to pray because that is God’s will for us, and because He remains in full control over the nation and its future.

Let’s not back down now. Let’s continue our desperate cry for America! Lord, give us another chance. We are here, for such a time as this, as events lead us toward biblical end-times in which we can pray for and witness God’s supreme purposes as they are played out, to His glory!

You can count on your Prayer Team to continue to carefully watch all the news and events and bring you prayer briefings and alerts as needed.

Now more than ever, we need the resolve and strength of God’s people to fervently pray. We hope America can count on you.

Jim Bolthouse
Executive Director
Presidential Prayer Team

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