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EVERY VETERAN’S DAY, I stand with millions of Americans in debt to all Patriots who have gone before us in service to our great nation. Though I am a Vet, I served in time of peace, and dared to wear the same uniform as those brave souls who faced cunning and ruthless enemies. It is a debt I cannot repay, but it is a debt for which I am and grateful. I only wish more, particularly young people, had a better grasp of the ugliness of oppression experienced in other parts of our world. Maybe then, their appreciation of the liberties we yet enjoy would be greater.

Washington at Valley Forge. Lithograph by F. Heppenheimer, 1853.

THIS VETERAN’S DAY, there is a dark shadow looming overhead as our President continues to stonewall and dodge the questions of the American people concerning the Benghazi fiasco. CIA Directer Gen Petraeus resigned this week to avoid inquiry. Gen Ham of AFRICOM was “fired” after refusing to obey the order to “Stand down!” There is a general PURGE as President Obama removes record numbers of senior military officials. There are several websites collecting signatures on petitions, but I selected the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ). Please take a minute and stand on our enduring Oath to “Support & Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic … ” Do this in memory of our fallen comrades. Do this to honor the memory of all who have served and given their all for their nation. And Pray …


Pray for: