I am compelled to apologize for any words or images I have shared throughout this election season that disrespected the Office of the President or the person of Barack Obama. My intention was to make no judgement about him as a person. It is his policies that are contrary to my beliefs, and it is his policies I take issue with. That is all. His personal life and character are not for me to judge except where it affects public policy.

There has been a landslide of nasty, irresponsible ads, cartoons, and slurs from both sides, and it prompts one simple question:

What gives us the impression we deserve a more truthful,
more Constitutional government
when we cannot even engage in a civil discussion
among ourselves as neighbors, family and friends?

I suggest we have more in common than we have differences, or at the very least, we have a foundation of shared beliefs:

  • We are, after all, all Americans despite what some politicians believe. We come from different nations, backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, etc, but none of those things are really issues unless someone turns a spotlight on them. We are British, French, German, Spanish, African, Russian, Jewish, and Arabs. We are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and atheist. We are rich, poor, thin, fat, tall, short, but we are all Americans. We have been foolish to allow politicians to drive wedges between us, focusing only on our differences and ignoring the things we share.

  • We all care for our children, our elderly, and the weaker among us, and seek ways and methods to help improve their lot. None of us can abide purposeless suffering and will do whatever we can to “fix” the problem. We want our children to excel in whatever they choose. We want our Seniors to have purpose right up to the end of their lives. We want to alleviate pain where we can, and comfort the suffering as best we can.

  • We all feel the need to be safe in our homes, and live the life we choose, as lng as it doesn’t infringe on another’s right to do the same. We all know the world has some craziness in it, but we need to feel safe, at least in our our homes. We acknowledge that the choice between safety and freedom is an ambiguous one difficult to fathom and harder to apprehend.

  • We all need to feel like we matter, like we’re a part of something noble that is much larger than we are and we have a part. We are all disappointed when we learn that “noble” something turns out to be less than perfect. This is a basic human need – to be needed or appreciated. This is the point and function of families. Each of us, ideally, has a family that provides a “safe” growing place, but we know this is not how things always play out. Nevertheless, individuals require a circle of support, in lieu of a family or in addition to it, to help in times of need, but also to be a place of giving for each one. We all – each one of us – have something of value to share with others, and it is vital to to preserve and develop our individual promise, our personal dream.

The hatred and bitterness that ripples across our land is a potentially fatal virus. Though we disagree on the “HOW” of these issues, the goal is the same for Democrats and republicans, for Liberals and Conservatives, for Libertarians, and Tea Party Patriots. We want a strong, vibrant America with productive citizenry and opportunity for every American.

  • We ALL feel disenfranchised, cut off from the power, right?
  • We ALL feel a horrible disappointment in the way prices continue to climb and our pay doesn’t, right?
  • We ALL feel unfairly helpless as life appears to be dictated by the powerful elite in DC or Big Business, right?
  • We ALL believe the goal of government, as stated in the Constitution, is to facilitate the ability of each American citizen to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The attainment of happiness is up to each of us since it is different for each of us. If the men and women currently running for office are not the ones to get us to this goal, it is up to us to find the ones that can and will, and if we cannot do that, perhaps we should consider running for office.

In another week or so, we will elect the man to lead our nation for the next 4 years. Some of us will be very upset by the results and some will be content, but either way, we are ALL Americans! The hatred and divisions do not serve ANY good purpose, and only serve to divide us for easier … manipulation? I am only one person, and claim no authority but that of citizen, but still I urge any who read this to put aside the foul emotions of this election season, the name-calling and lies, and put our energy into pushing our government to actually represent OUR wishes.

Our voice is louder as we stand together!