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Americans are finally coming to realization that much of the rhetoric of the President is just that – rhetoric! Sadly, it is rhetoric designed to herd the masses of the American people in the direction he (and his backers) believe will best enable their agenda to take hold. It is extraordinarily difficult for most of us to comprehend President Obama’s VISION for our future because it is so completely contradictory to our Founding documents (Declaration of Independence & US Constitution) and to the history of our experiment in personal liberty. In fact, the 2016 documentary visualizes President Obama’s vision well, but still, it is so foreign to our way of thinking. We must remind ourselves that President Obama was NOT raised as an American. He was not raised with baseball, apple pie, and freedom. His VISION for America, regardless of what he might say as he panders to the various and dwindling crowds as he campaigns, is to put her people – more and more of us – in shackles. VP Biden may have “gaffed” that comment weeks ago, but it is reality! The more Americans yield to his system-breaking “free stuff,” the fewer PRODUCERS actually work … which will lead to more Americans down & out, and so on. The cycle must be broken, and thoroughly broken! Help the poor become producers and the cycle is done! President Obama, along with any rational person, can understand this, yet it is not his goal! WHY?

In the articles below, it is clearly visible that our former community organizing President is still organizing … pushing his will, often by Executive Order, circumventing the elected Congress whose job it is to legislate, to accomplish his unpopular agenda.

WHERE ARE OUR REPRESENTATIVES??? WE-the-PEOPLE elected individuals to speak for us, to work for our best interest on the state level and in DC. WHERE ARE THEY? Why are they so silent as President Obama usurps Congressional authority and legislates from the Oval Office?

  • Morning Bell: Welfare Spending Shattering All-Time Highs

    It’s been a pretty big year for welfare—and a new report shows welfare is bigger than ever.

    The Obama Administration turned a giant spotlight on the welfare system in July when the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proclaimed it had the authority to gut the work requirements from the welfare reform that had helped lift so many people out of poverty after 1996.

    This morning, a new report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) shows the staggering reality of the growing welfare state—echoing Heritage’s own research that reveals welfare spending is approaching the $1 trillion mark.

    Roughly 100 million people—one-third of the U.S. population—receive aid from at least one means-tested welfare program each month. Average benefits come to around $9,000 per recipient. If converted to cash, means-tested welfare spending is more than five times the amount needed to eliminate all poverty in the United States.

    Despite the fact that welfare spending was already at record levels when he took office, President Obama has increased federal means-tested welfare spending by more than a third. Benefits under “means-tested” programs are calculated based on a recipient’s means to support himself; in other words, they are intended to assist low-income Americans. The character of this aid is hand-out more than hand-up. Able-bodied recipients rarely are required to work or prepare for work to receive aid.

  • Report: EPA Delaying Job-Killing Regulations to Aid Obama Re-Election

    President Obama is putting off major environmental regulations until after the November elections in order to avoid the political blowback of the economic damage those regulations will cause, according to a new Senate report.

    Environmental regulators in the Obama administration “don’t want this economic pain to hit American families just before the election because it would cost President Obama votes,” states the report, released by Environment and Public Works ranking member Jim Inhofe (R-OK) on Thursday, “so they have simply decided to punt, intending to move full speed ahead if they gain a second term.”

    The report lists a number of major environmental regulations that are either in their nascent stages or have yet to be implemented. Collectively, those regulations “will destroy millions of American jobs and cause energy prices to skyrocket even more,” Inhofe said in a news release accompanying the report.

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  • Clinton, Obama Try to Rewrite History on Benghazi

    For more than a month, Obama Administration officials have shifted blame for lack of intelligence or diplomatic security in Benghazi, Libya, where terrorist attacks on September 11 killed four Americans. But now, all of a sudden, both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and—during last night’s presidential debate—President Obama himself have decided to claim ultimate responsibility. These claims seem perfunctory, do not bear any consequences for either Clinton or Obama, and come more than a month too late.

    Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith killed along with Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi terrorist attack

    Not only that, but the President is also trying to rewrite history, claiming last night that he did say that it was a terrorist attack that cost the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three security personnel. In one of the tensest moments of the debate, the President evaded Mitt Romney’s question of clarification in which he asked, “You said…it was an act of terror. It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you’re saying?”

    For a point of clarification, President Obama in the White House Rose Garden the day after the attack mentioned “acts of terror” in a general statement. Furthermore, the Administration repeatedly blamed the attacks on the now-infamous YouTube video on several occasions—on September 16 with Ambassador Susan Rice on five Sunday morning shows, and on September 25 in Obama’s speech to the U.N. And don’t forget in his appearance on The View the day before.

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  • Please continue to talk to our friends and neighbors about the TRUTH! Please pray that TRUTH will overtake deception in our midst. Thank you!