It’s Always Our Fault…

Revisiting the “Stockholm Syndrome”

By Leslie J. Sacks

I’ve been following the sad news out of Benghazi. The late ambassador Stevens was a courageous man committed to uplifting the Libyan people who, together with the Egyptians, are our new “allies.” Seeing photos of his corpse being dragged like garbage through the streets of the city by those who demand the niceties of Sharia Law, those who wish to establish the worldwide Muslim Caliphate and enforce the subjugation of women — I had nothing pithy left to say, only sadness to feel.

Yet it took the American Embassy in Cairo, Hilary Clinton and the Vatican to raise my hackles. The embassy tweeted: “we condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”; whilst Hilary, parading the endemic White House political correctness, called the obscure video by a crackpot “reprehensible” saying “we absolutely reject its content and message.” The Vatican’s Father Lombardi did not condemn the killings in Benghazi; rather he condemned “provocations against the sensibilities of Muslim believers.”

Yet, the attack in Benghazi was more an act of war than a spontaneous protest — 400 showed up with mortars and RPGs.

Why? Why does the most powerful government in the world apologize to a rioting rabble, murderers of ambassadors, avowed followers of Bin Laden, pillagers of sovereign American property, whilst at the same time equating the obnoxious and isolated video with the iniquitous violence, as though the two were in any way comparable? The allure of the freedoms guaranteed by our Bill of Rights seems lost to the White House; the integrity of moral judgment has become clouded amongst our leaders.

Yes, this obscure and largely unseen video may indeed hurt the feelings of some devout Muslims, and may inflame some habitual anti-American hatred. But so will every Hollywood movie, every porn site, every political statement that’s deemed impure and insulting to the Islamists who have zero tolerance to Western mores and traditions. This 14-minute video by some Egyptian Copt in California about the prophet Muhammad, “Innocence of Muslims,” has been on YouTube since June — yet the propagators of these riots waited until September 11th, that infamous anniversary, to fan the flames. (On September 8th a major Egyptian TV station aired this largely ignored short film).

The real question is not the volatility of millions of Middle Easterners taught from birth to hate America and to despise Israel (as any excuse is usually enough). The real question is why we feel the need to pander and apologize to the most radical, violent and intolerant extremes around the world, to let them set the tone; a tone designed to stifle all criticism of Islam, to declare as blasphemy any attempt to reform radical Islam. (To Islamists, free speech does not extend to defamation of Islam and democracy merely another avenue to implement their 7th century theology).

There were indeed in the past other isolated incidents — Geert Wilders’ “Fitna” movie in Amsterdam, the now infamous cartoons in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper in Denmark, a few pages of a discarded Koran burnt in error in Afghanistan. In the whole scheme of things, it’s remarkable that there are not many more of these criticisms of Islam as we experience some of its radical manifestations today.

When Saudi citizens murdered 3000 innocents on 9/11, no embassies were burned in America, no ambassadors murdered, no riots started. Yet a video of no value seems to bother the Muslim World more than these 3000 victims. Apologies seem to go only one way — that is the real quandary. We are irrevocably always the Infidels, and they are always the revered protectors of Muhammad.

Ignored yet more relevant is the proliferation, by contrast in the Middle East, of daily anti-West, anti-Semitic propaganda. It’s everywhere, all the time — it’s the staple of much of the media, the education system, the Madrassas and the Mosques.

A 41 episode series (Horse Without a Horseman) — based on the forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion — has been running on Egyptian TV presenting the Jews as a cabal of conspiring demons taking over the world.

In Syria, a government-supported TV series trotted out the ancient blood libel, that of Jews murdering Muslim children, then using their blood to bake Passover Matzos. Strange also, since Kosher laws expressly forbid blood residues from meat.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority regularly equate Jews with the sons and daughters of monkeys, deserving of death and banishment. The PA pay convicted and jailed suicide bombers $3,000 per month using American government subsidies.


BLOGGER’S NOTE: I don’t know about you, but after all is said and done, this really makes my blood boil. The fact that President Obama continues to negotiate from a position of submission with radical terrorists, is beyond comprehension, yet … most of America goes about their daily lives, without giving it a second thought. of course, many still rely on the mainstream media for their news, even though they know it is not reliable. It is easy and it is convenient – like 7/11. Might pay a little more, but it’s so convenient! How can a population effectively monitor and participate in the business of government without reliable information? There are many sources online, but still nothing on TV … a great vacuum of TRUTH! So many unasked questions, let alone unanswered questions. No one even bothered to ask them! Makes me ill! ~ BBB


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