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This is an amazing video that demonstrates our President giving the exact same speech he gave in 2008 again in 2012. Exact same talking points. Exact same attitude. But will it buy him a cup of coffee today? Listen very carefully, and you can’t help but notice the repetition.

    Obama says, “The STEPS we must take …

    1. End our dependence on foreign oil. Spoken in 2008. Has this been accomplished? NO!
    2. We’ll recruit an army of new teachers. Has this happened? Four years to get started and … nothing!
    3. Make college affordable. Done it? NO!
    4. Solar, wind and biodiesel fuels … Solyndra, Amonix Solar, Energy Conversion Devices
    5. Crumbling roads & bridges … The $800 billion stimulas was supposed to address this – Remember the “shovel-ready jobs? yea, NOTHING!
    6. “Finally meet the challenges we face as a nation. This is our time to put our people back to work.” Yea? Hundreds of thousands MORE Americans out of work today than on January 20, 2008.

OK … then there is the question of … Good golly, he is giving the exact same speech 4 years later! Seriously? That’s the best this “great orator” can do? That’s the best his speech writers can do? Or is that Bush’s fault too?

We’ve all heard the debate about why it’s Bush’s fault … but those who support this tyrant fail to consider …

Do we have MORE FREEDOM now or LESS?
Do we have MORE hope for the future or LESS?
Do we have MORE PEOPLE WORKING or Fewer?
Do we have MORE money in our pocket or LESS?
Do our homes have MORE value or LESS?
Does our “retirement” look BETTER or WORSE?
Is our childrens’ education BETTER or WORSE?