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Personal Note: I admit to experiencing some frustration with the nastiness on BOTH sides of this campaign. I cannot condone it or participate in it. I believe the morality our Founders clung to revered the dignity of each person as a creation of God whether there was political agreement or not. It’s a higher road than most Americans have seen for some time. For the most part, Gov Romney is demonstrating a “gentlemanly” attitude to his opponent, but many Americans are choosing to fall into the gutter currently occupied by the WH and many supporters on his side. We cannot win that way.

The only way to reclaim our nation is to open the doors to God again and recognize Him as our Providential Founder and Sustainer through the ages, until His purpose is complete. We must re-establish the dignity of each person by making work available and required for gov’t asst, but that’s farther into the issues than I intended to go.

I’m sure I’ll be back soon, but for now, I’m watching the RNC and praying … Here are two motivating speeches from Night 1!